How to Draw like the Walking Dead style

Instructor: Damien Barban

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Illustrator and storyboard artist since 15 years, I'm also creating courses creator. With more than 15.000 studients all over the world, I produced more than a thousands of hours of courses in english and french regarding creative activities. I'm also a trainer for creative softwares, giving trainings is hundred of companies every years.

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How to Draw like the Walking Dead style

Would you like to draw like in the comicbook Walking Dead? This course is made for you ! I will teach you many tips and techniques to use your graphic tablet and computer creative softwares to create characters, frames and zombies ! If you are not using graphic tablet, this course could be followed with paper and pens. Start this course and learn very easy and fast techniques to draw like WalkingDead comics ! Read More


Learn how to draw like in the comicbook "Walking Dead". We are going to review very basic digital techniques to create similar characters and environments.

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