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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Instructor: Nahid Akhter

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I'm a writer, programmer, teacher and online course creator. I'm also a 'top-rated Plus' freelancer on Upwork with a 100% Job Success Score. My freelance lifestyle has given me the freedom to dedicate time to all my passions. As a freelancer, I have worked with organizations from different countries, including the US, UK, Canada, Japan, UAE, Bangladesh, and India. I've also worked with Fortune-500 companies like Microsoft, InsightSoftware and 3M.… Read More

TK 4000

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

This course will cover the basics of AI and Machine Learning, along with some easy to follow coding in Python. We will do some small AI projects in Google Colab using Python. Some of the projects demonstrated will include a Sentiment Analysis system, a Facial Recognition system, an object detection and recognition system as well as a small basic chatbot. We will also code a basic machine learning system using Artificial Neural Networks Read More


Basics of AI and Machine Learning Applications of AI and Machine Learning Sentiment Analysis with the TextBlob Library Facial Recognition with the Face_recognition Library Object Detection and Recognition with OpenCV-Python Basic Chatbot with RASA Building an Artificial Neural Network with Scikit-learn 5 projects

Instructor's Reviews

5.0 (4)

nirobtech 29 Mar, 2021


Great! Very informative! Wating for next course!

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anita19 09 Apr, 2021


Hello ma'am. apanr poranor way ta onk joss. machine learing er upor aladai valobasha toiri hoyese.. thanks maam .machine learning aro depth course jodi thakto amar jonno aro helpful hoito.. Best of luck

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saifulshuvo 17 Apr, 2021


It was my long cherished dream to learn Machine Learning, but did't get a good way to start. Finally I got the opportunity by enrolling this course. The instructor is so good as she to explains very clearly. Someone who has basic programming language concept will be benifitted very fast.


rupak492 28 May, 2021


Best Bangla course on AI & ML. I am waiting for any other courses like Data Science or Deep learning from the same author.

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