Infographic Design based on Marketplace

Instructor: Tabenda Hossain

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Hello Everyone. I am Tabenda Hossan, a professional Graphic Designer, Video Editor and Freelancer. I started my career as a freelancer almost 3 years ago. Working as graphic designer in Performance Communication Company, USA. And in The DermaCare Clinic, Malta. As a freelancer I completed more than 150 projects, handling international clients as well as local clients.. I trained people online. . I also have a YouTube channel, the basic… Read More

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Infographic Design based on Marketplace

Infographic is one of the most popular dosing with high demand in freelancing market place. It is the design which helps to provide information with graphics. But unfortunately there is no proper guideline available what helps you to understand how we should work on it. So this is my course for you. I discus almost every aspect of Infographic , I share with you the tips by which you can create an amazing infographic design, according to clients demand, according… Read More


*What is Infographic? Why it used? * Type of Infographic * Demand of Infographic design * Tips to create an amazing Infographic * Things to do before creating Infographic * What you have you take care while you are designing * Software for Infographic * How to create a ware frame * Infographic in PowerPoint with all the details * Infographic in Adobe Illustrator with a proper guideline and design * Infographic in Adobe Photoshop with a proper guideline and… Read More

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salam2697 23 Jun, 2020


Amazing ❤️


Momo_khan28 01 Jul, 2020


This course is nice and productive .

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