Freelancing with Statistical Data Analysis

Instructor: Shahedul Hasan

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Shahedul Hasan is conducting MBA in Marketing in Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka and holding the 1st position in his department with the highest CGPA. He is also preparing himself for a sector which should demand a driving intellect and that combine analytical challenge with the need for a real world, practical and fast speed outcome. Shahedul Hasan is a motivator, teacher, dreamer, positive thinker, hunger for new… Read More

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Course Curriculum

1.0 Introduction to Data Analysis Course

Course Teaser

3.0 Descriptive statistics

5.0 Inferential statistics: Analysis of variance (ANOVA)

6.0 Inferential statistics: Correlation analysis

8.0 Getting started with Fiverr

9.0 Dealing with Fiverr Client & Order

Freelancing with Statistical Data Analysis

There is a growing demand for data analysis around the word because data are used everywhere for effective decision making. Skilled data analysts are highly paid and valued in both local and global market. Therefore, I have prepared this ‘Freelancing with Statistical Data Analysis’ course for individuals seeking to gain knowledge in data analysis and freelancing with data analysis. The course will include the following aspects:  Why data analysis is required?  Basics of statistics & data analysis. … Read More


‘Freelancing with Statistical Data Analysis’ is a unique course and I will be teaching statistical data analysis from very basic and demonstrate using Microsoft excel. The course feathers include but not limited to:  Easy explanation of statistical analysis.  Focus on both theory and practice.  Become a global data analyst freelancer.  Excellent carrier opportunity.  Basic foundation on statistical analysis.  Huge demand in the local and global market. Read More

Instructor's Reviews

5.0 (12)

Mohi32 19 Jun, 2020


Highly recommend this course for newbies in data analysis.You can shine your career in tons of ways if you folow all these instructions of the course.


Al_rajee 19 Jun, 2020


good learning source to start freelancing


Murad75 19 Jun, 2020


Love this course😍😍😍😍😍


faysal_1997 20 Jun, 2020

5 21 Jun, 2020



Jahidc10h15n 22 Jun, 2020


Easy and effective way to learn data analysis. Loved it.


Arafat176 22 Jun, 2020


at lest to learn statistical analysi you shold enroll this course.


ayon111 23 Jun, 2020


Very useful course. Those who want to start a career in data analysis, this course is the place to start. The instructor is very helpful and responsive.


rafi125 24 Jun, 2020



Fardinaraf 24 Jun, 2020


To explore and make well-informed and efficient decisions, data analysis is of utmost importance. This course makes the entity of data analysis too simple and very easy to understand. Even if not for earning, this course is a must for university students holding background from social sciences and Business studies. The earning prospect is a bonus! Highly recommending..😇


joynalmahabub 29 Jun, 2020


The instructor makes an easy way to start freelancing. I highly recommend the Course for Newbies.


Hamed.Faruquee 30 Jun, 2020


Highly recommended. Very well designed course.

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