Flyer Design Based on Freelancing Marketplace

Instructor: Shahida Arobi

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What Is Flyer Design

Flyer for Contest

Flyer for an academic Information

Flyer for concert

Flyer created for the realtor

Flyer for food gift items

Flyer for sell exercise equipment


Flyer For Fitness Group

Flyer For Real Estate Investor

Flyer For Recruitment

Flyer For DJ's Promotion

Flyer for charity fun race

Flyer Design Based on Freelancing Marketplace

Want to Expert on Flyer Design? Or Learn how can you make creative, bold and market-based flyers? Then check out this round-up of 20 bold, different and market-based flyers – or if you prefer a louder style, get inspired by 20 vibrant flyer designs. In this course, you'll make your own creative flyer. You'll learn how to use high-quality stock items, free resources, and the powerful tools in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to create these stunning flyer designs from… Read More


Flyers are one of the oldest, most foolproof advertising tools in the business world. So, check all features of this course! - Different concept of 20 Flyers - All of flyers are design for freelancing marketplace - Use interesting design element - represent different types of business - How can use free resources in Flyers - Describe all of the purposes of flyers - Easy Ways to Make Your Flyer Stand Out of the Crowd - How can impress your… Read More

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dipchy999 27 Apr, 2020


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soton 08 May, 2020


😍😍😍Shahida Arobi As a Sister, As a Mentor, she is a Great, Genius, Fantastic, Marvelous. Her teaching style is so impressive that it is my needing point. In this course, I learned what the client's requirement is, requirement analyzation, then design, and how to design a flyer in the right, unique way. I am pleased to enroll in this course! At last, I will pray for and my lovely Instructor. Long Live!😇😇

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fahad668 08 May, 2020


Great Course😍😍

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