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“Start Your Exceptional Career With Instructory
The Online Teaching Marketplace And eLearning Platform”

Be our proud AFFILIATE PARTNER! If you are a student, a housewife, an Instructor, a learner of instructory, a user, or looking for an income opportunity - then you all will have the chance to earn through instructory by selling our courses. We are excited to build a long-term partnership together with you. Our team will be happy to assist you in building your campaign and taking your message to the right target audience.

What are the benefits?
Be a Member
Easily create your account and click the “Become an Affiliate” button to start your affiliate's journey at Instructory.
Get Identity
You will get a Brand name of ours to use in your designation. That’s why Instructory is intuitive, reliable, and constantly evolving.
Get Reward
Promote our courses with our name and with your affiliate link. Get earning from every sale from your affiliation. Have a good life!
How it works?
Have any question?
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Instructory is for everyone! Instructors are selling their courses and get earnings. Like this, if you are a user, a housewife, a service holder, a student, or a person looking for an extra earning source, then you can affiliate our courses, sell them, and get paid!
Get 50% from the Learners Services Charge for your every sale. Example:
  • Course price     :  3000 BDT
  • Service charge :  450 BDT (15%)
  • Affiliate's Fee   :  225 BDT (50% from the above 15%)
You can get a smart and healthy income every month, and along with this, you will get respect to be connected with our Brand Name!
For more details, you can call here: +8801880087154, +8801880087155
It's very simple to start your journey as an “Affiliate” at Instructory. Just follow the underneath process:
  • Create your account at our website
  • Sign in to your account
  • Click “Become An Affiliate”
  • Read our terms, policies, how affiliation works etc. and
  • Then click the “Join As An Affiliator” Button
  • Instructory team will review your request if everything goes perfectly with our terms and your identity is authentic then we will approve it.
  • After your approval, you are ready to start your affiliate journey with us
  • Go to your “Affiliator’s Dashboard”
  • Here you will get all the Affiliate’s links for every course of ours
  • Just copy the link and share it with your targeted audience
  • Some promotional activities ideas: You can boost it to your Facebook page with affiliate links of yours, You can take live sessions, Post blogs with our posters etc.
  • For every sale of yours, you will get a notification and instant commission/percentage of your earnings to your Instructory Wallet which is 50% of the Learner’s Service Charge of Every Sell.
  • Every month you can withdraw your amount to your BKash Wallet
  • For every withdrawal, you need to have 2000 BDT (Minimum) in the wallet
  • Even you can buy any courses from your account through your wallet.
  • It will be a great journey of financial independence with Instrutcory.
  • You can write blogs, articles
  • You can create short videos
  • You can go live or create shows to promote your affiliate links
  • You can promote our courses to your profile, friends, and relatives.
  • You can open your own Facebook page
  • You can boost our courses with your affiliate link to your page
  • You can collect and manage leads
  • Use our design-related sources etc.
Are you ready to be called the official affiliate partners of the Instructory Platform? By becoming our affiliator, you have to firmly follow some rules:
  • You have to belong to a real identity such as: a real username, email id, social id, etc.
  • You are to maintain a positive bridge between the user and instructor.
  • You are to respect and maintain a good relationship with the Instructory management, instructors, users, and learners.
  • You can’t Resell or illegally share your coupons/links to any third party.
  • You can’t Misuse your customized power with any of our learners.
  • You can’t Promote any fraud, adult, or illegal pages/groups / third party and advertise conditions that differ from the terms of service on the websites owned by Instructory.
  • Not allowed to use different prices, to propose increasing the trial period, etc.
  • You can’t use any methods of spam to advertise Instructory, whether it's email spamming, search spam, or something else.
  • If the authority finds any fraudulent activity against you, you will be removed and restricted from the affiliate partner for the lifetime and stop the disbursement of your withdrawal request as well.
  • If you are failed or are not being active in our campaigns or promotion regularly or consecutively then we have the full right to stop your affiliate's rights at any moment and stop the disbursement of your withdrawal request as well. In every 6 months, We will review your performance and evaluate it consecutively.
  • More rules can be updated as per experience at any time.

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