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Purchase & Withdraw

One of the best things about “Instructory” is, we have the easiest payment procedure for both learners to purchase a course video tutorial and instructors to receive & withdraw earnings. No need to worry, pay with peace of mind and we have the coolest platform to instruct you in a right way with the simple process.

Payment Procedure for works in two ways, like:

Buy Now

A learner wants to “Buy” a course tutorial from our audio & video library, who will give payments to Instructors for their knowledge sharing. Please read carefully and maintain the following payment process to buy or sell a course at Instructory!

If you are a Learner and want to purchase your desired course tutorial, please follow the below process

  • Step 1: Sign in to your instructory account (If you don’t have an account, Sign UP)
  • Step 2: Select the course tutorial you want to purchase
  • Step 3: Keep your desired courses on your shopping cart or, directly Buy the course tutorial
  • Step 4: There are many ways you can pay for courses on Instructory. You can choose the option most suitable for you.
  • Mastercard Visa American express Dbbl nexus Bkash Rocket Islami bank MCash Mycash Bank Asia
  • Step 5: Whatever you choose for paying the course fees, fill up the checkout details with accurate account number and information.
  • Step 6: You can add a promo code to get more discounts on your purchase.
  • Step 7: And Instructory will charge a 15% service fee for per purchase.
  • Step 8: After successful payment submissions, you will receive an invoice to your instructory account and to your email also.
  • And now you are eligible to stream/ watch the course tutorial from anywhere, anytime by sign in to your Instructory account.
  • Checkout your purchased course details to your purchased history!
  • Purchased History
  • ***Note:
    - You may face troubleshoot during online payments, for that you have to make the process faster.
    - Don’t download or share the tutorial with others
    - Your information regarding payment is purely safe and secure with us!

*** What to do in case of Payment failure

If you are facing problems to make your card payment for buying a course, Please check out the underneath issues to solve your payment failure.

  • If you type the Name in a wrong/ incorrect way from your card name.
  • Your card is not authorized for a purchase.
  • Incorrect card number.
  • If your Card date is expired, need to renew it.
  • If there is no sufficient balance to your account
  • If you are very slow to complete the steps of payment etc.

Still, if you face any issues, please contact us directly.

Withdraw Earning

Instructors/ Teachers want to “Sell” or “Upload Your Knowledge”, who will receive payment from Instructory.

If you are an Instructor, when you have a balance in your seller account, you can withdraw your funds to your Bkash wallet. As a freelance instructor, you’re charged a sliding fee as platform maintenance fee. Instructory charges 15% platform fee from instructors for each selling amount they have received from learners.

  • Step 1: Sign in to your account.
  • Step 2: If have available money in your account, you are ready to withdraw!
  • Step 3: You need a minimum of 500 BDT in your account to withdraw funds.
  • Step 4: Then you have certain options to withdraw funds.
  • Step 5: Add your Bkash wallet number in your profile settings page to add a payment method.
  • add payment
  • Step 6: After each of the sales, you will receive the payment instantly to your instructory wallet as per your chosen payment model.
  • Step 7: 15% of per sell will be taken from the instructor as platform maintenance fee.
  • Step 8: Whenever you will apply for withdrawing a payment, your request will be under review.
  • withdraw
  • Step 9: Please remember, from 15th to 25th of every month Instructory team will disburse the payment to your registered Bkash wallet number.
  • Step 10: After we disburse your payment, the Bank will process it within 2 to 3 working days.
  • Step 11: So you have to wait till then to receive the payment in your personal account.
  • Step 12: You will receive a withdrawal notification and email to your account
  • You can check your transaction history to your “Analytics page”.
  • *** Note:
    - It’s a monthly cycle, whatever you request to withdraw between this 14th to the next 14th, will be processed from 15th to 25th
    - You may have to add the transaction cost as per Bkash policy!


We would highly appreciate hearing any type of comment, feedback, suggestion or question about our products, services and quality. Please feel free to contact us to improve our service and every kind of support.

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