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How you want to sell your course tutorial?

If we market your course, definitely you will get better sells. But the decision is yours.

What you will get & rules to follow:
  • Instructor: 42.5% | Instructory: 57.5%
  • Social media announcement or teaser
  • Social media post
  • We will do Paid marketing like FB Boost, Bulk SMS etc.
  • Promote to 50k+ audience
  • You can take Live session on our FB page/group
  • We will prioritize your course at our bigger events like competitions, festivals, admission fairs, etc. based on your activities.
  • We can make your teaser video if you can come to our office
  • Private group chat with Instructory team to get special support and updates
  • Instructory brand ambassadors will promote your course
  • During any of our campaigns (competitions, festivals, admission fairs, etc.) your pre approvals will be open, so that you can do any promotional activities to our community.
  • We will give you Instructor’s level and badges for high quality course performance with benefits.
  • You will get 42.5% from every enrollments