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Refund Policy

Last Updated: 21 November, 2020

Refund policy:  

Your eligibility to request for Refund

  • Instructory is here with the aim to enlighten the lives of people through education with the motto of 100% user satisfaction from both learner and instructor end . 
  • Thus, we always have free “Course introduction” and “Course curriculum” videos with every course so that you can judge before you enroll in it. 
  • In case, the instructor is not able to meet with his/her curriculum, you can request a refund from our support team or you can directly ask for a refund from your course dashboard. 
  • We will review and inform you of the approval status within 72hours of your refund request. Upon approval of your request, we will refund  within 30 days. You will be refunded 42.5% of your purchased amount as the other percentage is already spent for website usage.

Process of requesting a refund (For learners): 

  • First of all - think before requesting a refund 
  • If you have legit complaints like Instructor has not completed the course, done bad behavior, did not get support within 1 week of your query etc. Please knock at our website support, FB groups, FB Page inbox, Email at, and let us know your details
  • We will judge, review and connect you with the instructor
  • Even if your problem is solved/doesn’t solve then we will make a decision regarding this and let you know the update within the next 30 days
  • If your refund request is accepted then we will refund you 42.5% of your purchased amount (As you have used our platform already, so we will refund you from the course amount) within the next 15 days of the approval time. 

When you can request a “Refund” 



  • If you apply for a refund even if the statement of the course curriculum is not satisfactorily  met with the lessons. 
  • If you request multiple course refunds within a very short span of time (within 1 hour of your course purchase). 
  • If you viewed/completed/downloaded the full course before requesting a refund, then we will reject and do a legit complaint against you for the unreasonable harassment.
  • We will reject if the course is perfectly aligned with the course description and outline videos. 


Reasons For Rejection Of "Refund Request"

  • You have to Apply for Refund within 24 hours of the course purchased.
  • If you request a refund for multiple courses within a very short span of time.
  • If you viewed/completed/downloaded the full course before requesting a refund.
  • If you purchase the course from affiliators/ third party/from an IOS device/ from a country where payment sending from Our payment gateway is not possible etc.
  • If we found you are doing this knowingly, unethically 
  • If your request proved baseless etc. 


  • We would highly appreciate hearing any type of comment, feedback, suggestion, or question about our products, services, and quality.
  • As a learner , you can always put a review on your prospective course. 

Please feel free to contact us to improve our service and every kind of support.

Changes & Update:

We have a legacy, authority, and right to change, amend or update the Instructory Refund Policy at any time, with or without notification. Be with us and Instructory is committed to maintain our terms, rules, and keep the security of your personal data.

Update: Updated on 1st July 2021


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