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How it works

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How it works


Create your account

Creating your account is an opportunity to provide your knowledge to learners from all over the world easily. Now, upload your course tutorials on Instructory.

  • Create your account at Instructory website:
  • Click the “Sign-Up” button at the top right
  • Enter your first & last name along with an email address and password.
  • Tick the checkbox of the privacy policy
  • If agreed, click the blue “SignUp” button.
  • Check your email for the account activation

Record & Upload your online course

Now, create your course content & videos to upload your tutorial at Instructory Website. All videos must be in mp4 format. You can check out our video guideline to create and publish your course video and our expert team will assist you in building your teaching resources.

  • Sign In
  • Click the “Upload” or “Become an Online Instructor” button
  • Pick a significant course title along with a thumbnail image & description
  • Upload your section title and lesson videos under those sections
  • Click the “Publish” button
  • Request review
  • Once approved and published - ready to stream your course

Rules to follow

Once you have started uploading and selling your online courses at Instructory - you have to follow the.

  • You cant delete your course once published
  • You have to upload a complete course
  • You have to update your course if there is some features that updated recently
  • You have to provide lifetime support to your valued learners through private group/website messages
  • You have to follow our privacy / terms etc.
  • You have to ready to refund the 100% amount to your learners if they did a legit refund request
  • Any of our campaign we can offer any % of discounts as per marketing policy

Promote & share your course on
Social Media

The more you promote, the more you will sell and earn. Promote your course on your social media pages - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. for your own branding and Connect with millions of students, teach and changed their lives.

  • Go to your profile page or, course playlist or, the individual course page
  • Select the Share icon on the bottom left of your course thumb
  • Promote your course on your social media pages - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. for your own branding

Featured, Sell & Start Earning

We have largest community of learners and good impression at our website / social media. So, You can feature your course on Instructory Homepage / Social Media to increase your sales with a large margin of profit.

  • You are ready to Start Selling
  • Begin the journey of Earning
  • Keep track of course progress, enrollment and earning to your “Course Dashboard”
  • You can feature your courses at our Homepage where the daily visit is more than 1000+
  • You can also feature your course to our larger community of Instructors
  • Contact our support center for featuring courses!

How it works


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