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Privacy Policy

Last Updated: Jun 24, 2022 - the leading teaching marketplace and eLearning platform where the more you learn the more you can earn. With Instructory, you will get the chance to learn anything, anytime & anywhere and earn by selling your brilliance to become a top rated “Online Instructor”. We keep in mind to protect your data that we collect, share, and utilize because your privacy is our first priority. 


Personal Information

* What personal information do we collect?

 We collect information from the people, users, affiliators, instructors, etc. who visit and use our site, website or app, blog, services, and products.

i) Our privacy policy has been assembled to supply better information security to our valued users, clients, buyers, or sellers with 'Personally Identifiable Information' (PII) which is being used online. PII is the information that we collect to identify, contact, or locate a single person and their details as described in privacy law and information security. You are requested to read our privacy and policy page with concentration to have the best perspective of how we collect, use, protect or otherwise handle your PII in accordance with the policy of our website.
ii) After creating or updating your account, we gather and store your account data like name, email, number, photo and others in our archive safely.
iii)  We have course enrollment fees to pay through our payment system, for that we will keep your payment details like- bank/ credit card/ Mastercard information, billing address, etc while keeping your data confidential.
In the case of Instructors, they also have to link Payoneer/PayPal/ Mastercard/ Bank details which will also be kept safe & secure and will not be controlled by Instructory.
iv) We will also keep information regarding your course updates like, post, question-answers, comments, assignment works, and feedback to improve our course infrastructure.
v) We also collect and store information about your problems, reports, issues, operating system, IP address, etc. when you communicate with our support team. 

vi) The instructory authority has the full authority to use your data for any kind of promotion and branding.

The data we collect, keep and store for the benefit of our site, services and users while maintaining confidentiality. 


* When we collect your information

We collect information from you when you:

  • Visit our site, we store your Login time, IP address, and other technical information.
  • Register on our site. 
  • Fill out a form at our social media pages or enter information on our site.
  • Purchase a course. 
  • Create a course for selling. 
  • Social media details if users connect those with our platform etc. 
  • When you attend any of our events.
  • Data is collected from student’s comments, feedback, query and when they take support or do live chat from our site.

We use different tools to offer you the ability to opt out of data collection.


Course Models : Renewal & Lifetime | Instrutcors & Learners

At Instructory - courses are offered in 2 types of systems. like - 

1. Lifetime Model

2. Renewal Model

Let's explore these 2 models in detail!

Course Lifetime Model


Some courses have Lifetime access means you can watch them anytime from anywhere! As well Instructory authority has right to offer any courses in the lifetime model based on events, campaigns or, or based on situations.

Course Validity: Lifetime access

Applicable: For all students of the Instructory who will purchase any course which is in the lifetime model. This is also applicable for all the Instrutcors as well means they need to support them for a lifetime.




1. Support through Facebook private group 

2. Instructors will approve learner's membership requests or support posts as per their schedule 

3. There will be no live classes or exclusive support line renewal model courses

Course Renewal Model


From January 16' 2023 Instructory platform introducing a new feature which is the "Course Renewal Model"! So from now on, there will be only 1-year course access for those who purchase any course from Instructory after 15th January 2023.

Course Validity: 1 Year

Applicable: For all students of the Instructory who will purchase any old or new course from 16th January 2023. This is also applicable for all the Instrutcors as well.


INSTRUCTORS | Policy for Renewal Model


1. Manage a New private group (created by the support team) for students who are in the Renewal model

  • All the member requests will be accepted/approved by the support team
  • If the support team found that any post is in the pending request for many times/days they will instantly approve it as well.

2. Mandatory 1 live class per month (12 live classes in 1 year)

3. It must be in Google Meet or in the new private group through Streamyard (will be set and conducted by the Instructory education team)

- There will be a recording for every live class (how it will be given, will be decided by the Instructory education team)

- Can not upload into the course as a lesson on the platform

4. Success Stories / Students Work Showcasing - Monthly Min. 1 Student

- Showcase your student's work or assignments or success story to the new private group and to the Instrutcory Community as well.
5. Showcasing Support Stories in Instructory community ( Which will motivate the old students to convert them into a renewal model )
6. Minimum 1 Resource share in the new private group (Can be Anything like Tips, Blog, Files, Images, Pdf, Short Video related to the course etc.)
7. Lessons update in every 3 Months (Minimum 01) and inform the Instructory education team and post it to the Instructory community.
 8. Do activities like competitions for your renewal students only in the private group (Optional) to make the private group engaging.

9. Old learners before 16th January who are in the lifetime access model will be approved to the old private group
10. Need to cooperate 

INSTRUCTORY | Policy for Renewal Model


  1. The support team will approve all the member request from 15th January 2023 to the new private group
  2. Will assist to plan and create Monthly live class schedules for instructors (Optional)
  3. Will approve support posts if there is any emergency and let instructor know 
  4. Will Showcase & Monitor instructors support of our Page and Community (Poster & Content)
  5. Will showcase your student’s success/work to our Page and Community (Poster & Content)
  6. Will do paid promotion in a more creative way based on your activity
  7. Will evaluate your activity every month before monthly disbursement
  8. Will poke - call / inbox/sms all the learners in their renewal time for renewing the course
  9. Will send the automated notification to all the renewal model students before their renewal time
  10.  Will be offered and promoted all the time
  11.  You will enjoy the returning learner's renewal amount
    For every renewal, you are again receiving 42.5%
  12.  Now your support will be worth enough, as you are getting them back with payments
  13.  Dedicated Instructory Support Team for you


If we found that any instructors of the renewal model are not active, not cooperative, or failed to complete the tasks for renewal then we will warn them 3 times and after that will be removed from the renewal model & it will be solely our course from then. The instructor will lose authority in that particular course. (This will be applicable in the worst case)


Effective from 16th January 2023!


* How do we use your information

We may use the information we collect from you in the following ways when you register, make a purchase, sign up for our newsletter, freebies, respond to a survey or through marketing communication, surf or use the features of our website:

  • To provide you the content and product you want and have an interest in by personalizing your experience. 
  • To develop our website, services and features in order to serve you better ..
  • To allow us to better serve you in responding to your customer service requests.
  • To ask for ratings and reviews of services or products.
  • For the reason of administering our business activities.
  • We may use your email address to send updates about course progress, send newsletters or notices about new coursework availability, upgrades made on course curriculum, etc.
  • And the Instructory authority has the full authority to use your data for any kind of promotion and branding.

Your Rights Over Your Data

Your Rights Over Your Data

If you are a “user” or “account holder” or “seller” or “buyer” of our site, we have your personal data, comments, feedback, tasks etc. stored in our database. So if you want, you can request our authority team to give you the file of your data or remove any information on your account that we hold. 


Instructor’s Policy:


  • If you have the knowledge to share with Instructory learners, you can register on our website as an Instructor
  • You need to submit your course title, description, course outline, and lesson videos to upload for your course
  • You have to submit your photo and other resources for the promotional activities
  • Must Be Completed Course (Minimum 50 Lessons with 10 Hours Duration)
  • Must be a quality full course with high-resolution videos with noiseless audio.
  • Every content of your course must be new, all videos must be recent and unique as per the course curriculum/outline
  • We have the full authority to set your course price 
  • We have the sole authority to approve or reject the course after reviewing it 
  • You will get 42.5% from every sale of your course
  • Every month - from 15th to 30th - we will disburse the amount to your bkash wallet - for details please check our “Purchase and Withdraw details” (*** IF the course is complete and no refund request is there)
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is 5000 BDT!
  • For new courses - If you upload a full course, we will judge the course performance through the first month and disburse after 1.5 Months of the course publication! 
  • Can't Delete the course once you  upload and publish your course at the Instructory Platform/ Website
  • The Instructory team will create a FB private group for your course and Instructors will be committed to providing lifetime support. 
  • Can't Share/Use the same name or content of the Instructory course to any other platform or your live courses or any other tutorial other then Instructory. Once published at Instructory - the course name and content is fully copyrighted by Instructory.
  • You must be active in your course’s private groups
  • You have to ensure lifetime learner’s access and support to the course they purchase
  • Please follow our refund policy as well if any learner requests a refund
  • We have the right to terminate your account anytime if we find any misbehavior or unethical activities. 
  • If an Instructor by any means shows lack of support, lack of course quality or misbehave or mistreatment with Instrutory Management, Learners, Users,  Selling personal information/ courses/ other parties information to our users/learners and doing any illegal activities. Instructory has the full accountability to ask for a refund from the Instructors and permanently / temporarily block their accounts from Instructory.
    Instructors will be responsible for refunding his/her own share (42.5%)  added with the instructory charge (57.5%) and service charge (15%) means the whole amount of every sale.
  • Since you are with us for a lifetime commitment, it is strictly maintained to continue your activities as an instructor (such as: sharing Informative posts, Engaging posts, Coming on live etc ) in our community:
    1. You are required to be responsive to us. Whenever we message or call you for any kind of involvement/communication, we want your best to be put.
    2. And for a monthly basis, you are required to post in our community weekly so that students get to know about your course.
    3. In any offer, you are required to post in our community every day more or less to come up with the best result.
  • Based on your activity, and performance, the support instructory team has the full authority to hold your payments 
  • So, make sure to come with full honesty and diligence to the course and to the commitment to the Instructory platform and Learners
  • For new Instructors - Every day 3 Blog post for 1 month is mandatory to get approval for the upcoming course
  • After course publication on the website, If you want to remove the course, you will have to subsidize or pay the full amount that a user paid during purchase, and also you have to subsidize the marketing costs and time spent by our team behind your course. There is legal action as well for unnecessary nuisance. 
  • If Instructory banned the course, you have to return all the amount you have earned from Instructory

>>>Payment Withdraw Policy

  • Step 1: Sign in to your account.
  • Step 2: If have available money in your account, you are ready to withdraw!
  • Step 3: You need a minimum of 5000 BDT in your account to withdraw funds. 
  • Step 4: Then you have certain options to withdraw funds.
  • Step 5: Add your Bkash wallet number to your profile settings page to add a payment method
  • Step 6: After each of the sales, you will receive the payment instantly to your Instructory wallet as per your chosen payment model. 
  • Step 7: 57.5% per sale will be taken from the instructor as a platform maintenance fee.
  • For more details check out our "Purchased & Withdraw Policy”
  • Step 8: You have to request for withdrawal within the 15th of every month, Whenever you will apply for withdrawing a payment, your request will be under review.
  • Step 9: Please remember, 30th of every month  Instructory team will disburse the payment to your registered Bkash wallet number. 
  • Step 10: After we disburse your payment, the Bank will process it within 2 to 3 working days. 
  • Step 11: So you have to wait till then to receive the payment in your personal account.  
  • Step 12: You will receive a withdrawal notification and email to your account
  • Note: But For New Courses - this withdrawal process will be available
    1. After 1.5 months from the completely publications of the course
    2. If The course is fully completed
    3. If there are no negative reviews
    4. If you maintain the tasks and supports mentioned in the email we have sent you during your course onboarding.
    5. If there is no refund request
  • Please remember after withdrawal of your amount, if any learner claims a "refund request" which is valid, then you are bound to return the full course amount (Means - If anyone buys with 300 BDT, you have to return the whole amount) because it's your commitment towards your learner which you missed and your learner claim. 

You can check your transaction history on your “Analytics page”.

Restrict the Disbursement of Instructors:

When your monthly disbursement will be restricted?

Instructors, we respect you a lot. But we have campaigns to offer your courses where we invest a lot of amount in marketing, boosting, sending email and SMS, etc. So we expect your cooperation as well. We restrict your payment at the last moment when you fail to support your course and learners.  

1. If we find that, you have not been active in any of our campaigns or events consecutively last few months.
2. If we are poking you again and again, but you don't respond or, cooperate
3. If you didn't complete your course as per outline, promise and requirements (Minimum Lessons: 50 and Duration: 10 hours - minimum boundary)
4. If you are not supportive at all towards your students through the Instructory website and private group  (We don't recognize your any personal support)
5. If you haven't updated your course for many months (But there is a new version or updates which is required for the students)
6. If the course is in the Renewal model: You have to take one monthly 1 live support class at the private group and in our community
7. You have to post about your course -  during the campaign/event (otherwise our marketing costs will go in vain)
8. Without a campaign - you need to create awareness by writing blogs, sharing resources related to your course 
9. Accept learners regularly to the private group 
10. Give Support to your learners through private group and website inbox
11. If we find any legit  complaints regarding your course from the learners 
12. If we find that you are using our platform for your personal benefits 
13. If you create another copy course personally or to another third party
14. If you promised to give any resource to the learners then you must complete it etc. 
15. If we found any unethical activities in your Instructor's profile or, using our platform
16. Minimum monthly 2 Posts in your Private Group regarding the course etc. 
17. Illegal activities, Bad behavior, Conflict of interest level 

18. If your course is very old and you are not updating it in the last 6 months or more. You are not involved at all with the course / Instructory in the past few months - our education team has full authority to hold your payments.  
19. If you break any of our policy etc. 


For the above rules, if you fail we have the full right not to disburse your payment or take any actions if needed! All the rules are created to maintain the quality of the course and the reputation of the Organization and Instructors as well.


Support Policy For Learners And Instructors

Learners can take support and Instrautors are bound to give support through the following channels:

1. Every course has a Facebook private group created by the Instructory Authority 
2. Join that group
3. Take support through posting at those private groups only 
4. Take and Give one to one support from the Instructory Website Messaging 
5. Instructors cant give support personally through personal number, personal inbox, what's app etc. This is strictly prohibited!
6. If any instructors failed to give support to the learners consecutively then his/her monthly payments will not be disbursed!
7. Learners, please watch the videos properly and you will get every answer there and please not to disturb any instructor with unnecessary poking, posts, inbox etc.
8. Instructor's can't make any private chat group for his/her course 
9. Learner's cant poke any instructor through Personal Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. inbox for the support
10. Learners - if you do any illegal activities or talk with the instructor rudely or do fake activities, then instructors and Instructory have the full right to restrict you from everywhere.

Thank you so much!

Acceptable Use of our Website

You are our valued customer who wants to join with us for a better future. As we are concerned and respect your emotions and confidentiality, You also must not do the followings with our website:

  • Using our site for any illegal purposes.
  • Infringe the Copyrights.
  • Harassing or Personally attacking other users.
  • Unjustified communication and marketing of our services to take our customers outside of the Instructory marketplace. 

Why do we restrict your access?


You are responsible for your username and password of your account and shouldn’t share or disclose these to anyone else.
If we find any unlawful access throughout your account, we have the full right to ban/ suspend/ restrict your user/ seller account with or without prior notice. 

How do we protect/ secure your information?

  • We do not use vulnerability scanning and/or scanning to PCI standards.
  • We do not use Malware Scanning.
  • We do not use an SSL certificate.
  • We have a strong security system against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction of your personal data that we collect and store.
  • Data Protection is also possible by keeping passwords secure and confidential to yourself.
  • In case, you find that someone else is using your account, just change your security code and also immediately contact our support team. 
  • We have security verification tools to verify your identity to detect and remove fraud activities and access. 

But the Instructory management has the full authority to use your data for any kind of promotion and branding.

Kids Under 13


Instructory has academic and professional courses that are designed for all ages, including kids under the age of 13 can access our courses or sell their potential skills with the participation of parent or legal guardian


In the case of “kids”, who are under 13 or, still don't have a personal email address or payment account, they can use their parent’s email address or transaction details to create an Instructory account to learn or sell their course. 


Instructory has  a policy of not to accept accounts or email address or discard the personal details of children under 13 without prior consent of their parents/ guardians. 


Cookies Policy



Now We are not using cookies for tracking purposes.


Which are small files stored on your computer's hard drive that are used to store and track personal information. If in the future we use cookies for only limiting unauthorized activities, you can choose to have your computer warn you each time a cookie is being sent, or you can choose to turn off all cookies. You do this through your browser settings. Since every browser is different, look at your browser's Help Menu to learn the correct way to modify your cookies. So, you can also turn the cookies off from our browser if you want.


Third-party disclosure



We strictly maintain the policy of not to sell, deal or transfer your personal information to third parties. Not even use contents, services, information from third-party sites on our platform. 


                Third-party links


Instructory doesn't use, include or promote third-party products, offers, or services on our website. We even do not allow advertising of others on our Website.

We are using an embedded “YouTube” player to deliver videos that don’t display any behavioral promotions and playing related content outside of our syllabus. 





Google Adword policy has clear policies of Google's advertising requirements to provide a positive experience for users. Please check out the Google's Advertising Principles at ;


Now, We are not enabling Google Adsense on our website but we have the plan to establish google Adsense in the near future. Be with us to get information on that.

We are not displaying third-party advertising and even not advertising our services on other websites.





According to the CAN-SPAM Act, there is policy for email marketing, promotional activities and also users have the right to stop receiving commercial email, messages, promotional text from commercial websites like us.


  • We collect your email address in order to keep your track record, support you, give you our service updates, payment confirmation etc. 
  • We are devoted to keeping your email details confidential and committed not to sell, rent or lease your data to third party organizations.
  • To be in accordance with CAN SPAM, we also agree to the following:
    If you don’t want to receive any mail, messages or text from us, any time you can request our support team or contact us at  “” to unsubscribe you from all of our marketing lists. 

Rights of Intellectual Property

All of the intellectual property like content, patents, trademarks, copyrights, images, videos, etc. are the sole property of Instructory. 

So you are strictly forbidden to do the following:

  • You can’t republish any materials from our site. 
  • Share our contents with third party websites.
  • Resell our materials to others.
  • Copy or reproduce our materials.
  • Exploit our materials for some unlawful purposes. 
  • Comments publicly by hearting or violating the company/ others personal ethics. Etc. 
  • We have the full right on the reviews given by the learners.
  • We can update/ delete any of the learner’s reviews, if we find any fraud or unethical or unnecessary reviews.
  • We have the full right to suspend any of users, learners, instructors, affiliators access from our website for the protection of our property 

Policy Changes



We are holding the full right to change, amend or update the Instructory policy at any time, with or without notification.

Be with us and Instructory is committed to maintain the policies and keep the confidentiality of your personal data. 

***** You are requested not to use our services and website if you do not consent to our privacy policy.

Review Policy:

A learner van give legit review to his / her instructors for the courses purchased! But if we find the following issues in the reviews we have the full rights to take any dicision!

  • Intentionally given negetive review and comments
  • Fake reviews
  • Unintentional attempts 

Then instructory has the full right to remove, eleminate or update or custimize the review after communicating with Instructors and Learners!

Contacting Us


If there are any questions, feedback or suggestions regarding this privacy policy, you may “Contact Us” directly.

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