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Terms & Conditions

Last Updated: Mar 10, 2024

Terms and Conditions

By agreeing with the following “Terms & Conditions” of, you are giving your consent to use our website, services, property, uploading your tutorials, or buying courses from Instructory. And Also, the Instructory authority has the full authority to use your data for any kind of promotion and branding.




Course Access: Enrollment, Pricing & Refund

Course Tutorial Updates / Rules For Instructors

Rules For Affiliation

Content Disclaimer
Links to the third party website

Our Rights
Limited Liability

Termination of Services

Changes & Update to Terms & Conditions


Contact Us


Information about Instructory is an online eLearning platform and Teaching marketplace for learners and instructors which is owned and operated by Rifat M Huq, CEO & Founder Of Instructory. Please visit our page or  email at “ any type of query you have regarding us. 



The terms & conditions of the Instructory website are applicable to the “Users” of the site (which are referred to as “You”, “Student”, “Instructor” & “Affiliator”). 

Here, the Instructory  company is presented as “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Instructory global”, “” referring to the  User information as “personal details”.


Create your Account:

You can create your free account as a learner or an instructor or an affiliator at Instructory to learn & earn online. Instructors can create two or more lessons to provide to-be learners some content to gain trust, but they need to lock major lessons to receive all the features and support to create & sell their unique courses. The same way any learner can create their account and check out the instructor’s intro video with the course outline to find out whether the course is appropriate or not. 


 To register at our website, You must

  • Create your account at the Instructory website: .
  • Click the “Sign-Up” button at the top right 
  • Choose a username according to our rules, like 1 uppercase, lowercase, numbers, 1-period sign ( . ! _ - )maximum of 8 characters.
  • Enter your first & last name along with an email address and password.
  • Tick the checkbox of the privacy policy
  • If agreed, click the blue “SignUp” button. 
  • Check your email for the account activation

suspend your user account :

If you provide wrong information we have the authority to suspend your user account without any prior notice.

  • You are requested to keep your account username and password confidential to yourself. 
  • If you find that anyone else is using your account, inform us about the fact by contacting our support team.
  • You have full authority to share your credentials with others, but we will not be held liable for it. 
  • You can stop/ block your account whenever you want if any illegalities are done by users. 


Users who are purchasing courses from Instructory are referred to as Learner or “Buyer”

  • Courses displayed and sold through the instructory website are solely the property of
  • You will be under contract with after purchasing a course from the website.
  • No warranties or guarantees will be offered by as you can choose any course under any instructors you like after reviewing the first few unlocked lessons and overview of the instructor. 
  • After confirmation of your orders, there will be a learner’s agreement between you and ​​​​​​​
  • Please check out the following payment details: Make payment using SSLCommerz payment  Mastercard/ Visa card/ Bank Payment System, Credit or Debit Card.
  • After purchase, you can't request a refund unethically - for the policy please check our “Refund Policy
  • If you do anything wrong like sharing the course with others, downloading or, sharing with any third party, or misbehaving with instructors, instructory management - we will block them from the website and from the private groups as well! 
  • Please contact our website support or Official Facebook page if you don't get your courses in the purchased list after enrolling in the course.

Course Purchase Policy: 

Instructory makes instructors’ payment simple and secure. To purchase any course through instructory you have to add 15% as a service charge with every purchase. For more details please check out: Purchase & Withdrawal Policy

Course Models : Renewal & Lifetime | Instrutcors & Learners

At Instructory - courses are offered in 2 types of systems. like - 

1. Lifetime Model

2. Renewal Model

Let's explore these 2 models in detail!

Course Lifetime Model


Some courses have Lifetime access means you can watch them anytime from anywhere! As well Instructory authority has right to offer any courses in the lifetime model based on events, campaigns or, or based on situations.

Course Validity: Lifetime access

Applicable: For all students of the Instructory who will purchase any course which is in the lifetime model. This is also applicable for all the Instrutcors as well means they need to support them for a lifetime.



1. Support through Facebook private group 

2. Instructors will approve learner's membership requests or support posts as per their schedule 

3. There will be no live classes or exclusive support line renewal model courses

Course Renewal Model


From January 16' 2023 Instructory platform introducing a new feature which is the "Course Renewal Model"! So from now, there will be only 1-year course access for those who purchase any course from Instructory after 15th January 2023.

Course Validity: 1 Year

Applicable: For all students of Instructory who will purchase any old or new course from 16th January 2023. This is also applicable for all the Instrutcors as well.


INSTRUCTORS | Policy for Renewal Model


1. Manage a New private group (created by the support team) for students who are in the Renewal model

  • All the member requests will be accepted/approved by the support team
  • If the support team found that any post is in the pending request many times/days they will instantly approve it as well.

2. Mandatory 1 live class per month (12 live classes in 1 year)

3. It must be in Google Meet or in the new private group through Streamyard (will be set and conducted by the Instructory education team)

- There will be a recording for every live class (how it will be given, will be decided by the Instructory education team)

- Can not upload into the course as a lesson on the platform

4. Success Stories / Students Work Showcasing - Monthly Min. 1 Student

- Showcase your student's work or assignments or success story to the new private group and to the Instrutcory Community as well.
5. Showcasing Support Stories in Instructory community ( Which will motivate the old students to convert them into a renewal model )
6. Minimum 1 Resource share in the new private group (Can be Anything like Tips, Blog, Files, Images, Pdf, Short Videos related to the course etc.)
7. Lessons update every 3 Months (Minimum 01) and inform the Instructory education team and post it to the Instructory community.
 8. Do activities like competitions for your renewal students only in the private group (Optional) to make the private group engaging.

9. Old learners before 16th January who are in the lifetime access model will be approved for the old private group
10. Need to cooperate 

INSTRUCTORY | Policy for Renewal Model


  1. The support team will approve all the member requests from 15th January 2023 to the new private group
  2. Will assist to plan and create Monthly live class schedules for instructors (Optional)
  3. Will approve support posts if there is any emergency and let instructor know 
  4. Will Showcase & Monitor instructors support of our Page and Community (Poster & Content)
  5. Will showcase your student’s success/work to our Page and Community (Poster & Content)
  6. Will do paid promotion in a more creative way based on your activity
  7. Will evaluate your activity every month before monthly disbursement
  8. Will poke - call / inbox/sms all the learners in their renewal time for renewing the course
  9. Will send the automated notification to all the renewal model students before their renewal time
  10.  Will be offered and promoted all the time
  11.  You will enjoy the returning learner's renewal amount
    For every renewal, you are again receiving 42.5%
  12.  Now your support will be worth enough, as you are getting them back with payments
  13.  Dedicated Instructory Support Team for you


If we found that any instructors of the renewal model are not active, not cooperative, or failed to complete the tasks for renewal then we will warn them 3 times and after that will be removed from the renewal model & it will be solely our course from then. The instructor will lose authority in that particular course. (This will be applicable in the worst case)


Effective from 16th January 2023!


On our platform,  Instructors  are the authorized license holders of their respective courses

Instructors are users who agreed to create and sell courses on our platform that are solely created by themselves, they own the copyright for their content and have the right to sell the course for the seller following the rules :


Rules for Instructors

  • - Accurately fill up the submission form with the product/course details you want to sell.
  • - All Sellers must monitor and take into consideration any comments, questions and notifications received about their course from the Buyers.
  • - Ensure that your content is not breaking any copyright or is not plagiarised and is built according to our rules and regulations.
  • - Promote your courses, but not in any way that takes our Buyers away from the Instructory website;
  • - You are not allowed to  use the same course content and tutorial on any 3rd party site.
  • - You should not manipulate student’s feedback or influence the comments and suggestions in the feedback section etc.

Payment Model:

We offer only one course uploading model: Promotional model Promotional model - You will get 42.5% from every sell of yours 

For details please check out: FAQ

Course Pricing: 

Course prices are set based on instructor’s demand, promotional policies, and services; Sometimes we may offer discounts on the basis of a situation or an event for a specific span of time.

Rules to follow to  Upload Your Course: 

You have to follow them once you have started uploading and selling your online courses at Instructory. 

  • You cant delete your course once published
  • You have to fulfill our minimum requirement which is 50 lessons, 10 hours+ course duration, High-resolution video, and audio quality. 
  • You have to upload a complete course 
  • You have to update your course if there is some features that updated recently
  • You have to provide lifetime support to your valued learners through private group/website messages
  • You have to follow our privacy/terms etc. 
  • You have to be ready to refund the 100% amount to your learners if they make a legit refund request
  • Since you are with us for a lifetime commitment, it is strictly maintained to continue your activities as an instructor (such as: sharing Informative posts, Engaging posts, Coming on live etc ) in our community:
    1. You are required to be responsive to us. Whenever we message or call you for any involvement/communication, we want your best to be put.
    2. And for a monthly basis, you must post in our community weekly so that students get to know about your course.
    3. In any offer, you are required to post in our community every day more or less to come up with the best result.
  • Any of our campaigns we can offer any % of discounts as per marketing policy


When you purchase a course or sell a course from Instructory, you are agreeing to pay the fees exactly as it is on the website through Mobile Banking, Visa card, Mobile Wallet, or Mastercard. Eventually, when a student purchases your course, the instructor/ teacher will also automatically receive their respective payment. 

Payment & Withdraw Policy:

Every month within 30th - we disburse the amount you have requested from your earnings! The process to follow: 

  • Provide accurate account information like- name, headline, bio, academic details, experiences, social links, skills, etc. to your profile settings

  • Add your Bkash wallet number to your profile settings page to add a payment method.

  • Send the withdrawal request within the 15th of every month to get the disbursement

  • We will pay within the 30th of every month to the bkash account you have added.
  • But remember as an instructor if you are not giving support and not being active in our community, the authority has the full right to restrict your disbursement and payments.



When your monthly disbursement will be restricted?

Instructors, we respect you a lot. But we have campaigns to offer your courses where we invest a lot of amount in marketing, boosting, sending email and SMS, etc. So we expect your cooperation as well. We restrict your payment at the last moment when you fail to support your course and learners.  

1. If we find that, you have not been active in any of our campaigns or events consecutively last few months.
2. If we are poking you again and again, but you don't respond or, cooperate
3. If you didn't complete your course 
4. If you are not supportive at all towards your students through the Instructory website and private group  (We don't recognize your any personal support)
5. If you don't updated your course for many months (But there is a new version or updates which is required for the students)
6. If the course is in the Renewal model: You have to take one monthly 1 live support class at the private group and in our community
7. You have to post about your course -  during the campaign/event (otherwise our marketing costs will go in vain)
8. Without a campaign - you need to create awareness by writing blogs, sharing resources related to your course 
9. Accept learners regularly to the private group 
10. Give Support to your learners through private group and website inbox
11. If we find any legit  complaints regarding your course from the learners 
12. If we find that you are using our platform for your personal benefits 
13. If you create another copy course personally or to another third party
14. If you promised to give any resource to the learners then you must complete it etc. 
15. If we found any unethical activities in your Instructor's profile or, using our platform
16. Minimum monthly 2 Posts in your Private Group regarding the course etc. 


For the above rules, if you fail we have the full right not to disburse your payment or take any actions if needed! All the rules are created to maintain the quality of the course and the reputation of the Organization and Instructors as well.

Authority the hold the payment of Instructors account

If the instructors are - 

  • Not active enough
  • Not performing well
  • Not gving proper support
  • Not completing the course

Instructory mangement has the full authority to hold the paymnet of that instructor or diable the account or, take any decision! 

When your monthly disbursement will be restricted?

Instructors, we really respect you a lot. But we have campaigns to offer your courses where we invest a lot of amount in marketing, boosting, sending email and SMS, etc. So we expect your cooperation as well.

1. If we find that, you are not active in any of our campaigns or events consecutively 
2. If we are poking you again and again, but you didn't respond or, cooperate
3. You have to take monthly 1 live session at the private group and in our community 
4. You have to post about your course - every day during the campaign 
5. Without a campaign - you need to create awareness by writing blogs to our community 
6. Accept learners regularly to the private group 
7. Give Support to your learners through private groups and website inbox
8. If we find any legit  complaints regarding your course 
9. If you create another copy course personally or to another third party
10. Course updates or bring updated lessons, as the world is changing so fast
11. If you promised to give any resource to the learners then you must complete it 
12. If we found any unethical activities form your Instructor's profile
13. Minimum monthly 2 Post in the Instructory community and 1 Post in your Private Group
14. Instructors who are in the renewal model - if they missed the monthly live support class! 


For the above rules, if you failed we have the full right not to disburse your payment! All the rules are created to maintain the quality of the course and the reputation of the Organization and Instructors as well.

Promotion and Offers:

Instructory management has the full authority to offer discounts at any course at any event or, campaign. Also, they have the full authority to use your data for any kind of promotion and branding.
And we have the right to not to offer your course at any time if we find any poor performance or unethical activities of any instructors!

Cancellation of any course of any instructors

We have full right to cancel, disable, delete your course or instructorship from Instructory if we found the followings:

  • Use content od others
  • Copyright Claim
  • Unethical promotion
  • Misbehave 
  • Dishonesty etc.

Refund Policy for Learners


  1. The first two sessions of every course like the instructor’s intro and course overview are totally free for every student at the Instructory platform. After analyzing everything,  you are choosing your course to learn and buy from us. So, in case you didn’t get the course as the curriculum, you can contact our support team, we will check and take action according to the refund policy. 
  2. As per the Instructor’s agreement, Instructors agree to refund student’s credit in case of those issues and after review within the next 30 days, “Instructory” will refund the 42.5% credit.  
  3. But if we find that you are misusing the Refund Policy, we have full right to suspend your account without any prior notice.
  4. For more please check our “Refund Policy”

Support Policy For Learners And Instructors

Learners can take support and Instructors are bound to give support through the following channels:

1. Every course has a Facebook private group created by the Instructory Authority 
2. Join that group
3. Take support through posting at those private groups only 
4. Take and Give one to one support from the Instructory Website Messaging 
5. Instructors cant give support personally through personal number, personal inbox, what's app etc. This is strictly prohibited!
6. If any instructors failed to give support to the learners consecutively then his/her monthly payments will not be disbursed!
7. Learners, please watch the videos properly and you will get every answer there and please not to disturb any instructor with unnecessary poking, posts, inbox etc. 
8. Learners - if you do any illegal activities or talk with the instructor rudely or do fake activities, then instructors and Instructory have the full right to restrict you from everywhere.

Thank you so much!

Content Disclaimer:  

The content on the Sites, including all text, information, software, technology, data, logos, marks, designs, text, graphics, pictures, audio and video files, other data or copyrightable materials or content, and their selection and arrangement, is referred to herein as "Content”. 

  • - Content uploaded, displayed, or posted by users, whether they are Instructors or Students, is referred to herein as “User Content.”
  • - As a Student you can ask questions to your instructors, post and submit feedback without harming someone’s and company’s  ethics.
  • - You may also have to submit your “homework” or “assignments”.
  • - You have no right to post any abusive content or any information that is not yours.
  • - As an instructor, you can create and submit your course on our platform, and can communicate with students without violating anyone’s right.
  • - You can not post any course or contents that violate any type of law or regulations.
  • - We can suspend your account for any unlawful content and if you violate any of the terms and conditions at any time without any prior notice.
  • Fake Identity/ Reselling / Share Our Content: 
  • This is to strictly inform you that if someone uses a fake identity or email, Share our course with others, Download our course videos, Resell our course videos, give fake review  and Anything against “Instructory Terms and Conditions”  will be brought under Cybercrime and will be blocked from everywhere like Instructory Website, Facebook page, Community and anywhere else! Remember we will take legal steps if you do anything wrong with Instructory Resources!
  • Links To Third Party Website: 
  • When you are using our platform, you may link to other sites that we don’t own or control. You are responsible for identifying and verifying the trustworthiness of any such third-party content. Instructory assumes no liability for verifying, and makes no warranties regarding the identity, or authenticity of the content of any such third-party communications.

Intellectual Property/ Copyright Policy: 

  • - Text, materials, trademarks, logos, images, and everything on our website are protected by copyright license and will remain under the ownership of Instructory Global in any circumstances.
  • - You are not allowed to use this content commercially without the prior permission of or, copy, reproduce, distribute and share with a third party.
  • - If you get any information about the violation of our terms and conditions, you are agreeing to alert us immediately.
  • - All rights are reserved for our intellectual property.
  • - We are not only concerned about our copyright issues, but also respect the rights of the intellectual property of others. So if you find your content being copied or used you are requested to report a copyright infringement claim. Instructory authority will review and monitor your complaint.

Limited Liability:

  • In legal, we will not be liable for any damages related to loss of data, revenue, profits, personal injury, or death and even if we’ve been informed of the possibility of damages in advance. will not be responsible to any party for arising claims for the usage of copyright content by instructors on our site. All course content is under the Instructor Agreement. Upon providing proof of such behavior we have the right to suspend any Instructor’s accounts.

Termination Of Services:  


  • Instructory holds the right to ban or suspend accounts for any suspected unlawful activity to law enforcement officials, regulations, or other violation issues relating to Users, User accounts, email addresses, and web traffic information.
  • Instructory may discontinue any User’s participation on the Site at any time with or without any reason.
  • When we terminate a User’s account;  that User’s Content will not appear on the Sites shortly thereafter. 
  • We may also keep the archival copy of User Content even after the termination, and you hereby permit us a non-exclusive license to retain such documentation for our internal business purposes.
  • - We have the authority to work together fully with any law enforcement authorities to disclose the identity of anyone publishing any materials through the Sites.
  • - We also hold the right to prompt removal of objectionable material after it has been posted.

Changes & Update:

We have a legacy, authority, and right to change, amend or update the Instructory Terms & Conditions at any time, with or without notification. Be with us and Instructory is committed to maintain our terms, rules, and keep the security of your personal data.

You are requested not to use our services and website if you do not consent to our Terms and Conditions.


Contact us:  

  • Website:   
  • Email:
  • Address: House: 06, Road: 17A, Block: E, 1213 Banani Model Town, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh 


Our Rights: 

All the Services, software, property, contents, images, logo, APIs, databases, etc included in and available at the website are exclusively owned by Instructory Global. They are protected and secured by copyright law, trademark, watermark and licensed by only Instructory Global. We have full authority to change, update or reproduce any property of Instructory. So, you must follow and maintain the underneath code of conduct: 

  • - You should maintain respectful behavior while  using our service or platform.
  • - During the usage of our site, you are agreeing not to break any national, federal or international law.
  • - Instructory have the right to monitor, edit, remove all the conducts, comments or contents submitted by you.
  • - Do not try to interfere with the Instructory's security system.
  • - As an instructor, you can create and submit your course on our platform, can communicate with students without violating anyone’s right.
  • - Do not reproduce, copy, modify or plagiarize the contents, graphics or other intellectual property of Instructory.
  • - We can suspend your account for any unlawful content and if you violate any of the terms and conditions at any time without any prior notice.
  • - If any attempts to access our services through any unlawful means, spider, robot, sending a virus, spam, etc. were made,  we have the authority to ban your IP, Browser, and system etc.
  • - Do not use any harmful or exploiting comments against any user, instructor or about our services etc.
  • - Reviews: Instructory team can cross check the reviews given by Learners to a specific course and its Instructor whether its fake or Intentional. We have the right to judge and take any decision regarding any fraud, suspicious, revenge oriented and unethical reviews at any time. 

Having problem learning from a reliable online platform as a student?