Animation Made Easy

Instructor: Karimul Hasan

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Hello I am Karimul Hasan. Currently studying in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and majoring in Software Engineering. I am a professional motion graphics designer. I am also skilled in advanced video editing through premier pro, after effects, filmora 9 and filmora pro, currently trying out davinci resolve. I have completed over 50 projects throughout my career. I am also skilled at front end web development, UI designs, cover arts, web… Read More

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Course Curriculum

Course Teaser

Course Teaser

Course Index and overview

Lesson 1 : Intro to animation

Lesson 2 : Program Interface

Lesson 3 : Animating Your First Scene

Lesson 4 : Camera movements

Lesson 5 : Everything about layers

Lesson 6 : Emphesis effects

Lesson 7 : Typography

Lesson 8 : Stock Vectors

Lesson 9 : Transitions

Lesson 10 : Everything about effects

Lesson 11 : Exporting

Animation Made Easy

In 2019 if you look at the market places you can see how demanding animated explainer videos are. Many big companies are hiring, 2D explainer video artists to make their product promo or business advertisements. In this course I will talk about this 2D animated explainer video. The easy way of making them and the basics of animation. At the end of this course you will be able to make an amazing 2D animated explainer video. And with this skill… Read More


- This course will give you the base of 2D animation. - By this course you will be able to learn how you can give your ideas and thoughts life with animation. - This course is easy to follow so everyone will be able to make an animated explainer video with me in this course. - At the end of this course you will be able to earn $80-$250 per video from marketplaces.

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rifatmhuq 11 Sep, 2019


Wow! Fantastic Course! Loved it!


nayeemeee 08 Nov, 2019


voice kivabe add korbo dekhano hoyni

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T_Ragib 26 Nov, 2019


Good content

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shubah 02 Dec, 2019


It was awesome


Jannat_Lima 06 Mar, 2020


Highly recommended for bigenner <3

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Dhrubo 29 Mar, 2020


It is a made easy course. But this softwareis som much expensive. You have to improve the course quality.

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