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Thanks for dropping by. My name is Joyeta Banerjee, and I am a freelance Digital Marketer on Upwork. Also, I am currently working with Hospals Bangladesh as a marketing executive. One of my dreams is that I will be making content for people who needs to learn " How can they stand out and do something unique from others." I am a workaholic person, and I never stop learning about… Read More

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Course Curriculum

Special Message from Joyeta

Lesson Two: Digital Marketing Checklist

Lesson Three: Five Pillar of Digital Marketing

Lesson Four: Marketing Stages

Lesson Five: Keeping Workflow Sheet to make work organized

Lesson Six: Types of Digital Marketing

Lesson Seven: Search Engine Optimization Part 1

Lesson Eight: Search Engine Optimization Part 2

Lesson Nine: Search Engine Optimization Part 3 (Article Writing)

Social Media Marketing Softwares

Twitter Marketing

Digital Marketing Planning

Digital Marketing for Bosses

So, you’re looking for a digital marketing course to teach you everything you need to become a digital marketing boss, right? You don’t need any prior experience, just be ready to take action and see results! With the skills you will learn in this course, you can - Grow a Brand online - Get an amazing job in the marketing sector - Help a client to increase their reach in the internet Throughout the entire course, you'll be taking action!… Read More


Special Message from Joyeta, Digital Marketing Checklist, Five Pillar of Digital Marketing, Marketing Stages, Keeping Workflow Sheet to make work organized, Types of Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Youtube Marketing, Will be updated regularly with time & demand etc.

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riazuddin 29 Sep, 2019



shamsul5408 29 Sep, 2019


Easy to learn and professional course with in depth basic.


jamil110 03 Oct, 2019


Not Bad

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MinhajMithun 04 Oct, 2019


Course & Apu both helpful!!!

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