Learn Modern Responsive Html Email Design From Scratch

Instructor: Md. Nur Nobi

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Hi, I'm Md. Nur Nobi wll known as Nur around my surrounding. I am Full Stack Web Developer Since 4 years. I'm a full time freelance web developer with extensive experience in building high quality websites. I have confident skills in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, J Query, PHP, MySQL, Responsive Web Design, Email Template Design, WordPress Theme and Plugin Customization, Landing Page, WordPress Speed optimization, WordPress Security WordPress Theme Development. Read More

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Course Curriculum

Teaser || Learn Modern Responsive HTML Email Template Design



Basic Discussion about HTML Email

Project CAFEFOOD || Discussion || PSD To Html Email

Project CafeFood|| Header Part|| PSD To Html Email

Project CafeFood|| Banner Part|| PSD To Html Email

Project CafeFood|| Blog Part-1 || PSD To Html Email

Project CafeFood|| Blog Part-2 || PSD To Html Email

Project CafeFood|| Service Part|| PSD To Html Email

Project CafeFood|| Reservation Part|| PSD To Html Email

Project CafeFood|| Opening Hour || PSD To Html Email

Project CafeFood|| Address Part Coding|| PSD To Html Email

Project CafeFood|| Footer Part-1 || PSD To Html Email

Project CafeFood|| Footer Part-2 || PSD To Html Email

Project CafeFood || Asset Upload on server and Email Testing

Use as a MailChimp Template

Conclusion & Summery of the course

Learn Modern Responsive Html Email Design From Scratch

Today's Freelancing Market is too much competitive that's why you have to always upgrade able. So always try to upgrade your skill if you want to boss on Freelancing. HTML Email course mainly design for HTML & CSS expert. By this course you can easily learn conversion of HTML email from any psd, pdf, image which will be totally responsive and Email marketing platform supported.
This course is totally beginner friendly and projects based so that you can estimation your… Read More


✔ Beginner Friendly
✔ Easy to learn
✔ All Source code
✔ Full responsive design ( Desktop, Laptop, Tab, Mobile)
✔ All platform Supportable Code
✔ Marketplace based Projects
✔ Lifetime Access
✔ 24/7 Hours Support
✔ Facebook Live review and problem solving class

Instructor's Reviews

4.5 (11)

rahat_bd 09 Jul, 2019


Very helpful content and lessons are easy to understand. This course will be easy to understand for the beginners. I have taken other courses from this instructor, He his very easy going and knows what needs to be known for a freelancer. E-mail template design in particular has good demand in fiver and upwork.


tanvirsiddiki007 07 Aug, 2019


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nshafee71 03 Dec, 2019



raselshek 03 Dec, 2019


Great Course! and nice teaching style.... Love this course waiting for next course...... Thanks Nur Vai😍😍

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ebrahimrizve 28 Dec, 2019


amazing coursehhhh


azim2k13 29 Dec, 2019


ইমেইল টেমপ্লেট শেখার জন্য আমার দেখা সব থেকে বেষ্ট কোর্স <3 <3 এবং ট্রেইনার এর সাপোর্ট খুব দ্রুত পাওয়া যায় <3 <3


Infinity4X 31 Dec, 2019


Quite Effective Course to get specialised skills on CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, etc skills to design high quality effective email templates attracting potential customers and buyers to make a effective purchase of relevant product and service, the course is quite benificial for professional email marketers and freelancers enabling to promote the advertising message or contents to large number of potetial customers or target audience it requires email template containting main theme and features built with a professional touch.📱📲

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kyum 10 Feb, 2020


Love his teaching technique, Effective course for me, thank you

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hasan56 20 Feb, 2020


Great Course! and nice teaching style...

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saifulshuvo 04 Mar, 2020


Although I am design websites for a few years, I baught this course to brush up my skill in Email Template Design. And I must say, this course is teaching me a lot. Thank you very much Mr. Md Nur Nobi.

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Yeahiahussen 01 Jun, 2020


Very helpful Course. Thank you Nur Nobi bhaiya

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