English Grammar at a glance.

Instructor: Taslim Siddique

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Now I am a Student. So as a student of English literature I always learning new things, especially in the English language. So my trying to give them to others that they can make good in their life and also give them to others as like as me. I think a learner will succeed at that time when he or she able to give his or her earning knowledge to… Read More

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English Grammar at a glance.

English Grammar at a glance.

Hello, I am Taslim Siddique. I come here with something new topic though they are old to you. Because you know them from the school section. My topic is English grammar. In this part, you only learn about Basic English grammar though it's a short discussion after It you must get a clear knowledge about grammar and it's lead you for the next step of your learning. For your kind information, I want to say that after this basic part… Read More


English Language English Grammar Sentence Subject and Predicate Prats of speech

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