The Book of Fiverr - Freelancing A2Z

Instructor: Rifat M Huq

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Hi, I'm Rifat M Huq, you can call me Rifat. I specialize in User Interfaces, Graphic Design, Responsive Web Design, Front-end Development, Brand Identity, Digital Marketing, and Project Management. I enjoy work that allows for more user empathy and creativity.I have solid 5 years of practical experience in online and offline teaching, trained almost 5030+ students all over the world. Also, I have started my freelancing career 3 years ago… Read More

TK 3000

Course Curriculum

Course Teaser

Course Teaser



Lesson 01 : What is Freelancing

Lesson 02 : Portfolio & Social Media Branding

Lesson 03 : Fiverr Marketplace Intro

Lesson 04 : Fiverr Account Creation

Lesson 05 : Fiverr TOS

Lesson 06 : Organizing Fiverr Profile

Lesson 07 : Fiverr Client / Seller Feedback & Rating

Lesson 08 : Dashboard - Active / Late Orders, Awaiting Responses etc

Lesson 09 : Orders - Manage Sales

Lesson 10 : Gigs - Overview & Status

Lesson 11 : Analytics - Overview, Seller Monthly Evaluation

Lesson 12 (Part 01) : Earnings - Fiverr Payment Method

Lesson 12 (Part 02) : Earnings - Fiverr Payment Method

Lesson 13 : Fiverr Community - Event, Blog, Forum & Podcast

Lesson 14 : Mockup & Thumbnail Concept (Using Photoshop)

Lesson 15 (Part 01) : Unique GIG Creation & Promotion

Lesson 15 (Part 02) : Unique GIG Creation & Promotion

Lesson 15 (Part 03) : Unique GIG Creation & PromotionTricks

Lesson 16 : Messages & Notification - Powerful Communication Tips & Tricks

Lesson 17 : Best Buyer Request Tips, Custom Offer etc

Lesson 18 : Order Page & Project Duration

Lesson 19 : Unique Order Delivery Method Using Mockup & Repeated Client Tips

Lesson 20 : Revision & Update Delivery Message

Lesson 21 : Resolution Center - Time Extend Request

Lesson 22 : Private Feedback & Skill Endorsement

Lesson 23 : Security, Flagged, Warning & Suspension Issues

Lesson 24 : Buying - Orders, Fiverr Pro, Post & Manage Request, Business Tools

Lesson 25 : Fiverr Customer Service, TRS Level Nomination & Some Conditions

Last Guideline

Last Guideline

The Book of Fiverr - Freelancing A2Z

Are you ready to become your own boss by working as a SUCCESSFUL FREELANCER? If, yes then definitely this course is for you! -- This “The Book of Fiverr - Freelancing A2Z” course is designed for those people who have the perfect skills or expertise such as web/UI/UX, graphic, developers - web/app, SEO experts, writers, artists - music, voice over, video editors, support - admin/ accounts etc to start freelancing work at marketplaces like FIVERR but don't know how to… Read More


*What is Freelancing *Portfolio & Social Media Branding *Fiverr Marketplace Intro *Account Creation *TOS *Fiverr Profile *Feedback & Rating *Dashboard *Orders - Manage Sales *Gigs - Overview & Status *Analytics *Earnings *Community *Mockup *Unique GIG Creation & Promotion *Messages & Notification *Buyer Request *Order Page *Unique Order Delivery Method *Revisions *Resolution Center *Private Feedback *Security *Buying *Fiverr Customer Service, TRS Level Read More

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devsabuj 14 Jun, 2019


I think this is the best course about Fiverr in Bangla. Thanks Rifat Bhai for this awesome course. And I want Upwork or PPH A-Z Course as soon as possible. ???


Sajibcse 19 Jun, 2019


Really helpful.Excellent teaching method. ☺


jamil110 13 Jul, 2019


Very Nice Course.


SunnyTalukdar 22 Jul, 2019


This is the best series on fiverr in Bangladesh.Infact you will not find these kinds of sources in youtube.✌️✌️

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rajesh_mondal 29 Jul, 2019


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m.rhmnsaber 06 Aug, 2019



Razu 18 Aug, 2019


Tnx, brother, your Fiverr course so good, I found out a lot about your course which will be very good for my Fiverr marketplace.

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mahimprince 27 Aug, 2019


Outstanding video Instruction Made!! Applied all the guidelines that Rifat bhaia gave and Alhamdulillah Got the output on the very first day after opening a gig on fiver! I recommend to all the New Learners who wants to start their freelancing career on FIVER!! ? Thank you Rifat bhaia! You are AWESOME! ?

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Walid 05 Sep, 2019


Everything explained nicely. Very detailed course. Satisfied!

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masumahmed 08 Sep, 2019


This course is seriously good for the recommendation. Any kinds of freelancer need more knowledge if they want to do something or more in Fiverr. So, If you want to do work or freelancing with Fiverr you can try the course. I already make a video how to buy this course but I don't know it's good or bad if Rifat M Huq Bro wants I can keep it or remove it. Thanks :) Video link -


ishakawat 10 Sep, 2019


Amazing Course. This Course is all one needed to start a career on Fiverr. Thank You Rifat vai. ?


Morshed1738 17 Sep, 2019


If you need a proper guidline (Specially in Bengali) for strarting your freelancing career on fiverr, this is the right course for you.


akiburrchoton 25 Sep, 2019


Starting with the quality, the content of the whole tutorial is high-quality content. Most importantly, the author described tricks and tips which are really effective. If anybody follows these steps s/he will be successful in fiverr marketplace for sure. Moreover, the author described something special for example "Designing mock-up for fiverr thumbnails" which was beyond expectations. Thank you very much Mr.Rifat for such quality content. Good luck!


Ashraf01 25 Sep, 2019


Amazing explaination. Thanks Brother.Hope this will help us All. :)


rahatmhuq 26 Sep, 2019


As always it was great learning from you. Very responsive and easy to learn with. I highly recommend him for anyone who want to learn Fiverr freelancing in detail., Thanks again!!

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shaamiminfo 26 Sep, 2019


This Course is the best,they provide all the materials that can help you to become a good freelancer, now its totally up to you that how you gonna use this opportunity


Hafijur_Rahman 26 Sep, 2019


very detailed course & video quality is good?


mahbub00 26 Sep, 2019


Here is my true, honest and detailed review on this course: IF YOU ARE A NEW SELLER, THEN ITS A PERFECT COURSE FOR YOU.....IF YOU ARE A LEVEL 2 OR WORKING MORE THEN 1+ YEARS IN FIVERR THEN I GUESS YOU COVERED ALL THIS OUTLINE at lest you should....( some more content can be added regarding payoneer id block, FIVERR TOS) .. it's simply a basic course for beginners. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, YOUR GIG RANK, ORDERS, SUCH THING IS FULLY HANDLED BY FIVERR complex ALGORITHM all you can do is fulfill all the checklist and do some optimization so that you get priority to get ranked ( not guaranteed ) via the algorithm. MY MAIN REASON FOR 4 STAR IS TOO MUCH VIDEO LOADING ISSUE I AM USING A 5 MBPS DEDICATED LINE, maybe its an issue of their video server.

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arkokumar1 27 Sep, 2019


Best Guideline. and Many helpful for beginners.


urmee102 27 Sep, 2019


It's very effective and helpful, specially for new freelancers. Thanks Rifat vai for making this amazing course?.


shamsul5408 28 Sep, 2019


very nice and unique course. i found some professional tricks from this course.

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Jashim_Uddin 29 Sep, 2019


"The book of Fiverr" It was really awesome tutorials. I have benefited greatly from this video. This turorials for all kind of developers, Specially beginners. If there are ten Genius developers in BD than i will say you are one fo them. Your tutorials should be viewed by everyone at once, then someone's life may change. Thanks a ton Rifat vaia for created this tutorials. I hope you will create such a wonderful tutorials for UI/UX.

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Irfan 29 Sep, 2019


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Adobefaysal 30 Sep, 2019


Well Described, Helpfull and satisfied.


imranharrisj 30 Sep, 2019


Surely its best fiver course in bangla. I loved his teaching style and attitude. He is a great mentor i ever seen. Best of luck for you Bhaiya, i just fall in love with your teaching style, Best of luck for instructory! ❤️❤️


Mk 30 Sep, 2019


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Belaya_Hossain 30 Sep, 2019


Best course about Fiverr Freelancing for everyone.


Esratpopy 02 Oct, 2019


One of the best ever course who wants to start career in fiverr. Details Explained and good enough to start for begineer and who are looking for more advance knowldge to do well in fiverr obviously. Thanks for your course.


Neepa 02 Oct, 2019


Really helpful. Excellent video. .Pls keep help the students like this


jahanfardaus 04 Oct, 2019



Ahsajib 04 Oct, 2019



sadik12 06 Oct, 2019


really helpfull and best tuturial?


onlykawshar 07 Oct, 2019


Rifat bhaiya is one of the best instructor I've ever seen. 🙂


kmnayem 08 Oct, 2019


Osadharon vyya..... 10000% mentor..... fiverr niye ar kono confusion nei. dhonnobad vyya.


muhit 10 Oct, 2019


just loved it!


ehn39642 10 Oct, 2019


I think this is the best course about Fiverr in Bangla. Much appreciated Rifat Bhai for this wonderful course.

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