Learn Beginners to Advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Instructor: Nazmun Nahar

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Top Rated SEO Freelancer at Upwork. SEM Manager at Cryptomaniaks.

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Course Overview

What is SEO and why?

Technical SEO

Redirect issue

SEO audit/Website audit

Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Analyze result and reset campaign

Freelancing (Upwork & Fiverr)

Learn Beginners to Advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Are you really interested in building SEO career? Are you struggling to grow your business online? I’m here to help you in achieving your SEO success. This is the course to learn SEO in the fastest and best way. It doesn’t matter if you are new to SEO or have some basic SEO knowledge. You just have to be analytical and try to think logically. This hands-on course will help you to refresh yourself on the SEO basics as well… Read More


** Practical lessons **Expert tips and tricks **Live projects **Exclusive sample reports ** Easy to understand the theory - everything included in this course will help you to build practical and real-world SEO skills. It's a complete package of SEO audit, Keyword Research, On-page optimization, Technical SEO, Link building, and all other parts of SEO.

Instructor's Reviews

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tech_jwei124 09 May, 2020


Wonderful Course ever I have seen. Everything from beginning to advanced of Search Engine Optimization(SEO) has covered in this course. This is not only for beginners but who have basic knowledge in SEO can get update from here. I am also doing SEO in the marketplace but with limited services.This course contents grab my attention and I find what I was exactly looking for . This is a very resourceful course indeed. The instructor is awesome she has described everything to the points. Truly no one will teach you such a way that she did. Recommended for the people who are really want to learn SEO.


Istiaque 15 May, 2020


Yes, Actually I’m searching like this types of course for SEO learning. In every terms of SEO she try to describe elaborately. Very nicely decorated her course with huge resource . Anyone who beginner or advance can know a complete knowledge about SEO in here I think. Especial care in hidden group is one of the important value added for learner like me. Salute her from my side for this course that in reach my knowledge.

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soton 23 May, 2020


An excellent tutor! Extremely helpful, insightful, and transformative tutoring experience for me. Nazmun Nahar Madam also is very knowledgeable on SEO and is skilled at providing helpful explanations. Madam's explanations enabled me to understand and really grasp material which was previously confusing for me - simply put, his explanations make sense and make abstract topics more conceptual and clearer. Madam is very professional, enlightening, insightful, and adaptable/receptive to individual student needs. Madam's tutoring session was really amazing and transformative for me, and I highly recommend her if you are seeking a teacher for the SEO.

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