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MASTER In T-Shirt Design And Freelancing

Instructor: Ajajul Islam

9369 52

TK 4000

Course Curriculum



Lesson 1: What is t shirt design

Lesson 2: Why you select t shirt Design?

Lesson 3: Photoshop Vs Illustrator

Lesson 4: What we need to start T-Shirt Design

Lesson 5: PS and Ai Basic to Advance

Lesson 7: Master in Resource Collection

Lesson 8: Master in font collection

Lesson 9: Master in color Combination

Lesson 10: Master in Design Idea

Lesson 11: Replicate any kind of Design

Lesson 12: How to Create T Shirt Mock Up

Lesson 13: What is Portfolio

Lesson 14: Master In Behance Portfolio

Lesson 15: What is Passive Earning

Lesson 16: Shutterstock A to Z

Lesson 17: What is Active Earning

Lesson 18: What is KDP (Bonus)

What is KDP

Lesson 19: What is POD (Bonus)

What is POD

MASTER In T-Shirt Design And Freelancing

Hello Everyone, Welcome to our MASTER In T Shirt Design & Freelancing Course. Are you ready to become your own boss by working as a SUCCESSFUL FREELANCER? If, yes then definitely this course is for you! This “MASTER In T-Shirt Design And Freelancing” course is Create for those people who have the basic idea about Freelancing and Basic Skills about Photoshop & Illustrator. Hope it will be a great Course. Waiting for you as a new Member of our Family.… Read More


Intro, What is t shirt design, Why you select t shirt, Photoshop Vs Illustrator, What we need to start t shirt, PS and Ai Basic to Advance, Live Project, Master in Resource Collection, Master in font collection, Master in color Combination, Master in design idea, Replicate any kind of design, How to Create T Shirt Mock Up, What is Portfolio, Master In Behance Portfolio, What is passive earning, Shutterstock A to Z, What is active earning, What is KDP, What… Read More

Instructor's Reviews

5.0 (18)

Shamimsam 17 Dec, 2020


this is the best one...

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Hassan123 17 Dec, 2020


Thank you for gifting such a beautiful course. thank you vai


Alifuzzaman 18 Dec, 2020


AWESOME Boss ,,,,,,, it was a very helpful & informative course. THANK YOU Mr. Ajajul islam & instructory community also to organized this tyoe of event. MAY ALLAH BLESS YOU❤️❤️❤️❤️


jubaer28 18 Dec, 2020


It was wonderful course and more informative....


arif777 19 Dec, 2020


if you want to learn master class T-shirt design so this is the best course for you. I will recommend it to you. I am also a designer so I know what is best for us. I want to expert in t-shirt design and build my career. this why first I buy it. then I buy other courses in instructor. so why you waiting for buying this course just enroll in it & be a professional in T-shirt design & Freelancing & earn your dream freelancing money. ❤❤❤❤❤


Hena 21 Dec, 2020


It is very helpful & informative course. i am very hapy to be able to do this course.

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HasanOliur 21 Dec, 2020


Excellent Course. Thanks a lot, @Ajajul Islam Bhai, happy freelancing, love you Instructory.

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Gausulhaque01 21 Dec, 2020


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Mazbah911 23 Dec, 2020


it was a great experience 😍 🇧🇩top bd mentor like course 🚀onk fast onk kisu sikhlam.😍hope life e eibar kisu ekta korte parbo🙏 thank you a lot 🙏 awesome course for a cheap rate ✍️


designhelax 23 Dec, 2020



Aish_Tasmia 24 Dec, 2020


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ThisIsHafizur 29 Dec, 2020


আমার কাছে এটি বেস্ট কোর্স মনে হয়েছে কারন এটি একটি পরিপূর্ণ কোর্স।


Bibak1234 30 Dec, 2020


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Eliasdawan 31 Dec, 2020


He tried His best effort in this course. Best instructor <3

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mirhasanalmamun 01 Jan, 2021



imr_khan 11 Jan, 2021



bdbulbul 14 Jan, 2021


This course very helpful for us. Thank you so much


Labibshahel 14 Jan, 2021


সেরা একটা কোর্স ছিলো ভাই😍 অনেক কিছুই শিখেছি আপনার কোর্স করে। আপনার জন্য শুধু ভালোবাসা আর দোয়া। আমাদের জন্য দোয়া করবেন যেন ভালো কিছু করতে পারি❤️

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