JAVA Programming for Non-programmers

Instructor: Babul D' Nokrek

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Borin in 16 June in Tangail, Bangladesh. Educated in Dhaka University and Drexel University, USA. Attended Web Design and Development Courses at The New York Code + Design Academy, ToolsQA and Harvard University EdX, USA. I am US Citizen and currently living in NEW York City, USA

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Course Curriculum



Lesson-01: What is programming?

Lesson-02: How to start learning Java Programming?

Lesson-03: What is Java Syntax?

Lesson-04: How to make COMMENT in JAVA

Lesson-05: Variables in Java

Lesson-06: Java Identifiers

Let's Practice: Practice, Practice & Practice

Lesson-07: Data Types in JAVA

Lesson-08: Operators in JAVA

Lesson-09: Conditional Statements in JAVA

Lesson-10: Loops in Java

Lesson-11: Break & Continue in JAVA

JAVA Programming for Non-programmers

The course covers very basic programming for beginners who don't have any programming knowledge! I will go from very basic of the programming step by step. After completing this course, you will understand programming logic, data types, variables, array, loops, conditional statement, methods and functions that will help you to start your IT Career. Those who want to become Web Automation testers or Engineers in future, the course is plus for them. Read More


- Step by step in Bangla - Easy, fun and engaging - Any question's answer within 72 hours

Instructor's Reviews

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mangsang 21 Jul, 2019


Thanks for your nice tutorials. It's very very helpfull to know about JAVA.

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