Mastering React core(JavaScript) with Project

Instructor: MUhammad Samim

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I am a Freelance Full stack web Developer working since late 2011.In this period I have fled From Php, Ruby on Rails, python to JavaScript. Finally I got stuck into JavaScript and From then living and breathing on Javascript. We may Know each other from different Boot camp, course or YouTube channel I love creating, programming, launching, learning, teaching . Read More

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Mastering React core(JavaScript) with Project

Mastering React Core | Job Ready Complete React Web developer course(Level-1) The ultimate React course you need to master React core including All recent updates This is the most Intensive project based course in Bangla where we will go through Every React core concept and applied Practically in our project you will be Master of fundamental concepts behind structuring React applications you will Realize the power of building composable components It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole of libraries… Read More


1.Most Enriched Project based course on React in Bangla 2.All core concept covered in depth 3. Support via premium FB Group and Skype live question and answer session. 4.You will never feel alone in your Journey 5.You will Build powerful, fast, user-friendly and reactive web apps 6.Provide amazing user experiences by leveraging the power of JavaScript with ease 7.Include Recent updates Context API, React Hooks, and many more Read More

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5.0 (2) 06 Feb, 2020


I recommend this course...Whoever wants to learn React.JS for Single Page Web App Development,this course will be helpful enough..

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rizveebrahim 10 May, 2020


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