Jquery for Beginners

Instructor: Minhaz Faisal

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Hello, I am Md. Minhaz Uddin Faisal. I am a Mentor at ShikhbeShobai, and also a professional Web Designer and Developer. At ShikhbeShobai I trained 600+ students so far and they are working at different market places. I am also working at local and international marketplaces. In Instructory I am an online mentor. I published some courses here depending on my experience which will guide you. I hope you will… Read More

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Course Curriculum



Part 1 (How web works, What is Jq, Why JQ, Prerequisites)

Part 2 (File formation, Integration, Download or CDN )

Part 3 (Where to write, How to write, Jq syntax, Dom manipulation)

Part 4 (How to Write with example)

Part 5 (JQuery selectors: Tag/element, id, class, pseudo etc)

Part 6 (JQuery Events: Mouse events)

Part 7 (JQuery effect/function/method/action)

Part 8 (JQuery Effects: fadeIn, fadeOut, fadeToggle, fadeTo)

Part 9 (JQuery Effects: slideUp, slideDown, slideToggle)

Part 10 (JQuery Callback)

Part 11 (keyboard events, Form events, Document events)

Part 12 (More about events and effects, Documentation)

Part 13 (JQuery CSS)

Part 14 (JQuery addClass, removeClass)

JQuery For Beginners End

Jquery for Beginners

JQuery is the most important JavaScript library. With this we can define how our webpage will behave. Most of us do not know how to use it. But it is very essential for developer or web designer. That is why I have made this course. This is a beginner friendly course for those who want to learn JQuery. Here we will discuss: How Web works, What is JQuery, Why Should we learn JQuery, What should we learn before JQuery, JQuery… Read More


JQuery Bangla Tutorial, Beginner friendly, JQuery with examples, Learn less do more, Certificate of Completion.

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Md_Jabir_Biswas 20 Jun, 2019


A very good to learn JQuery.

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hosnaarakolly 21 Aug, 2019



Tushar_Datta 26 Aug, 2019



imrankhan 07 Sep, 2019


nice presentation and very helpful for beginners.??

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