Laravel for Beginners and Intermediate

Instructor: Mohammad Arman

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Hey wonderful People, Welcome to My Profile. I'm a Software Developer and working in Web Sector since the last 3+ years. I've worked on some big projects in Laravel -including ERP System, LGS Housing System. I am a developer like you, I teach what I do everyday.

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Course Curriculum

1. Introduction


5. Query Builder

9. Laravel Packages

1. Laravel MIX

11. Laravel Project

Laravel for Beginners and Intermediate

Hey, in this course tutorials you are going to learn about PHP Laravel Framework from beginning to intermediate. And I'm going to help you to learn everything you need to become a professional Laravel developer with practical exercises & projects. Laravel is becoming the most popular choice among PHP developers these days. It's easiest to start with, most fun to use and very powerful and ecosystem of tools, that just lets you get the job done. It just works. Out… Read More


✔ You will Learn About the Authentication (User Registration, Logging in) ✔ Middleware ✔ File Storage System ✔ Sending Email ✔ Verified User Email ✔ Localization (Multi Language System) ✔ Cache ✔ Event, Listener and Observer ✔ Queue ✔ Mail Notification ✔ Database Notification

Instructor's Reviews

5.0 (1)

MD.FARHADMIA 26 Jul, 2020


Excellent Course. Very helpful course to learn laravel web development. Thanks Arman bhai for this course.

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