Mastering in PHP & MySQL - Complete Guideline with a CMS Project

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Course Curriculum

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Few Important Guideline to Become a Successful PHP Web Developer

Lesson 1 - Intro With Code Editor - Local Development Environment Setup

Lesson 2 - Intro With Local Server - Local Development Environment Setup

Lesson 3 - How to Embed HTML into PHP Codes

Lesson 4 - Using Dynamic Data in PHP

Lesson 5 - Inserting Comments in PHP Codes

Lesson 6 - What is Variables in PHP

Lesson 7 - Data Types in PHP

Lesson 8 - String Operations in PHP

Lesson 9 - Operators in PHP

Lesson 10 - If Else Statement - PHP Control Structure and User Flow

Lesson 11 - Switch Case Statement - PHP Control Structure and User Flow

Lesson 12 - For Loop In PHP - PHP Control Structure and User Flow

Lesson 13 - While Loop In PHP - PHP Control Structure and User Flow

Lesson 14 - Do While Loop In PHP - PHP Control Structure and User Flow

Lesson 15 - Array In PHP

Lesson 16 - Array with For Loop

Lesson 17 - Associative Array with Foreach Loop

Lesson 18 - Defining Functions In PHP

Lesson 19 - Function Parameters in PHP

Lesson 20 - Return Value from Functions

Lesson 21 - Working with Global Variable and Scope

Lesson 22 - Constants in PHP

Lesson 23 - Math Functions in PHP

Lesson 24 - String Functions in PHP

Lesson 25 - Array Functions in PHP

Lesson 26 - Checking for Form Data Submission

Lesson 27 -Extracting Information from Form

Lesson 29 - External Page Submission

Lesson 28 - Validating the Form Values

Lesson 30 - Intro With MySQL

Lesson 31 - Introduction to PHP MyAdmin

Lesson 32 - Creating a Database in PHP MyAdmin

Lesson 33 - Create Tables and Inserting Data in PHP MyAdmin

Lesson 34 - Create the Login Page Markup

Lesson 35 - Receiving Form Data using Post Super Global Variable

Lesson 36 - Create the Database Connection With our Files

Lesson 37 - Creating Information into the Database table

Lesson 38 - Reading All the Users Data From Database

Lesson 39 - Using Get Method Collect Information from Database

Lesson 40 - Setup the Update form and Update the Data into the Database

Lesson 41 - Data Update with Redirect Functions

Lesson 42 - Delete Query From the CRUD Application

Lesson 43 - Use Functions for Create and Read Features

Lesson 44 - SQL Injection - How to Check and Solve

Lesson 45 - Intro With Our First CMS Project and Admin Panel

Lesson 46 - CMS Project Admin Panel Working Structure - Part 1

Lesson 47 - CMS Project Admin Panel Working Structure Part - 2

Lesson 48 - CMS Platform Connection with Database

Lesson 49 - Working With Category Page and Form

Lesson 50 - Create the Categories Table and Show Data In The Web Page

Lesson 51 - Add New Category With PHP Validation

Lesson 52 - Update the Category name is a Dynamic Way

Lesson 53 - Delete Category Operation from the Page

Lesson 54- Adding Serial Features on Category Listing Page

Lesson 55 - Category Page Re-Organize - Part 1

Lesson 56 - Category Page Re-Organize Part 2

Lesson 57- Working With Post Table on Database

Lesson 58 - Creating a HTML Table to Display a List of Posts

Lesson 59 - Create the Add Post HTML Markup

Lesson 60 - Add New Blog Post and Insert Into the Database

Lesson 61 - Few Requirement Analysis for the Project

Lesson 62 - Collect Post Content And Show in the Update Page

Mastering in PHP & MySQL - Complete Guideline with a CMS Project

Hey, In this course tutorials you are going to learn about the Back-End Programming Language PHP and MySQL from Zero to Advance Level. And I'm going to help you to learn everything you need to become a professional PHP developer with practical exercises & projects. In this course, You can make money through the online marketplace as a Freelancer and also can grow your skillset for any kinds of Online based Content Management System. There is no limit to what… Read More


✔ You will Learn PHP and MySQL From Basic to Advance Level ✔ You will Learn About Database and How it Works ✔ You will Learn How to Make a Complete Dynamic CMS ✔ You will Learn How to Create a CRUD Application ✔ You will Learn How to Handle Users Data (Input & Files) ✔ You will Learn Password Encryption ✔ You will Learn About PHP Security ✔ You will Learn AJAX to Submit Data to the Server Without… Read More

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Adeeb 13 Jun, 2019


Its Great here to get the Course. The course module is more than perfect and soo rich that a person who dosen't know PHP can also become a master in this??

sakib islam

sakib islam 01 Jul, 2019


very nice course.

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rajesh_mondal 07 Aug, 2019


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jiauddin 23 Aug, 2019


It is a great course!!!


nayandas559 06 Sep, 2019


Best ...!

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sehirulislamrehi 13 Sep, 2019


Too much helpful course to learn PHP from beginner to master level

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salman 07 Oct, 2019


Great Course. great value of the money. hat's off to faisal hamid himel sir 🔥 09 Oct, 2019


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