In-Depth SEO Audit Report For your website to get Success

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I am Mukitul Hasib. {Tanzil}, CEO & Lead Mentor Of Tanzil Academy. My Hobby To Make a Professional Freelancer.Already I work As a WP Developer & Digital Marketer in Fiverr & Upwork. At This Moment i love to do Outsourcing.Freelancing HUB is my Another Company Where People Learn Freelancing.TF Market is another Company,Where I sell My Freelancing Service. Learning & Teaching is my favorite Things.I enjoy to Doing Training.Hopefully you… Read More

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Course Curriculum

1. Course Introduction

2. Idea About SEO Audit

3. Website Responsive Check

4. W3C Validation Checker

5. Favicon Checker

6. Site Structure URL Test

7. Broken Link Check

8. Sitemap Development And Submission

9. Robot.TXT File Check

10. Language Code Check

11. 404 Page Check And custom design

12. Image And Alt Check

13. Inline CSS Check

14. CSS And JS Minification Test

15. HTML Page Size Check

16. HTML Compression GZip Test

17. Site Speed Test

18. URL Canonicalization

19. REL And IP Canonical

20. SSL And Parl Access test

21. Google Map And GEO tag Check

22. Google Analytics, Google And Bign Webmaster,Content Ratio Optimize

23. Micro DATA Schema test

24. Google Publisher And Meta Data

25. Meta Optimize

26. Related Link And Pagination

27. Content Optimization

28. OnPage Optimize

29. Local SEO

29.  Local SEO

30. SEO Audit Update Elements

31. SEO Report Format discuss

32. Conclusion

32.  Conclusion

In-Depth SEO Audit Report For your website to get Success

If you are looking to take your SEO knowledge to the next level then this course is for you! I've worked for 2+ years at one of the largest digital agencies in the United States, and have worked with individuals as well as Freelancing Marketplace. At the end of this course, you’ll be able to… • Perform a technical audit using free tools • Fix problems that are robbing you of traffic from Google and other search engines • Set… Read More


Ideally, you know the very basics of SEO, such as title tags, meta descriptions, etc. If you're starting with zero knowledge, I do my best to explain the basics as I'm teaching, but you'll get more out of the course if don't have to look up what SEO means before starting.

Instructor's Reviews

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alamgir 16 Sep, 2019


very clear and easy to understand. How can I get Off-page SEO tutorial in the next? Wish those will be cost-effective also.


JonHos 16 Sep, 2019


Just Awesome. One of the great Course. I'm Highly recommend Everyone . ☺️?


mehedibcv 17 Sep, 2019


Excellent Instructor, Clear voice, Recommended for all.

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spondonranaa 28 Sep, 2019


?very clear and easy to understand. I Highly recommend Everyone take this course✍️

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Papel11 28 Sep, 2019


I highly recommend this course to everyone who wants to gather knowledge of SEO in depth. He truly made this course easy and very understandable. Will wait for his next course.


saiful2263 30 Sep, 2019


What I liked, presentation was very clear and Step by Step explains it beautifully, that anyone can easily understand. ?I look forward to your next course?

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roynakhan 30 Sep, 2019


Very effective course for SEO & digital marketing. you must watch this course to learning many tricks & tips about SEO & digital marketing. I'm waiting for his(mukitul hasib) next effective course.& this course helps me to clear my vision about SEO & digital marketing.thanks to mukitul jhasib for this wonderful course.


Web-expert 17 Oct, 2019


very helpful course. easy to learn. thank you so much . I am really happy

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webrankseosagor 11 Feb, 2020


Thanks for this course, I am so happy here

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