Vector Tracing- The Art of Redrawing Anything

Instructor: Shamim Fatema Sumi

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Hello! This is Shamim Fatema Sumi, Professional Graphic Designer, working on International Market Places since 2017. I have started my freelancing career with People Per Hour and Fiverr, but now I am working Upwork and Guru as well. I have completed more than 150 works among them 50+ Vector Tracing works with the International Clients from various Countries and always get 5 Star Ratings with their satisfactory Review Comments. I'm… Read More

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Course Module

What is Vector Tracing

Vector Tracing Jobs in Market Places

Vector Tracing Methods

Auto tracing - Advance

Manual Tracing - Shape and Direct Selection Tool

Manual Tracing - Pen Tool

Manual Tracing - Pencil Tool

Manual Tracing - Fonts

Vector Tracing- The Art of Redrawing Anything

Are you Interested to be a Freelancer and Graphic Designer?? Are you afraid to start your freelancing career as a graphic designer because you are thinking that you can't design any stuff of graphics ??? or, Maybe you are looking for an exciting challenge to be An Exclusive Freelance Graphic Designer! Moreover, You want to be a T-shirt Designer, but you don't know how all the tricks of Vector Tracing. Then this course is for you. Vector Tracing is one… Read More


✤ What is Vector Graphics and Raster Graphics ✤ What is Vector Tracing ✤ Vector Tracing Jobs in Market Places and Its Importance in Graphic Design ✤ Vector Tracing Subjects ✤ Vector Tracing Methods: # Auto Tracing: # Manual Tracing: ✤ Bonus Tips and Tricks

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niloy501 19 Jun, 2020


i believe, choosing a course topic on Vector tracing is very interesting one. Instructor did a very good job on communication and makeing it the course simple. i think it would be a solid course and want advance level. thanks Learned a lot.


Arifur.Sujon 21 Jun, 2020


Very Helpful and Effective Course

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saiful_islam 01 Jul, 2020


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