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Instructor's Level

Instructor's Level

Great course content, superb video qulity and engagement will earn you a new Instructor's level, status and benefits. Want to know how you’re doing? View your progress, over at your dashboard page. At Instructory instructors have to earn badges by getting Sells and Reviews . This is the case from the time an instructor joins our marketplace and then moves through the programs of New Instructor, Emerging Instructor, Master Instructor, Top Instructors and till Level 10. Badges will help you to sell your course more effectively to your target audience.

new instructor

Level 01: New Instructor

Requirements: 0-10 Sell
Benefits: New Instructor Badge

emerging instructor

Level 02: Emerging Instructor

Requirements: 11-30 Sell
Benefits: Emerging Instructor Badge

master instructor

Level 03: Master Instructor

Requirements: 31-99 Sell
Benefits: Master Instructor Badge

top rated instructor

Level 04: Top Instructor

Requirements: 100-149 Sell
Benefits: Top Instructor Badge

Instructor level 05

Level 05: Instructor level 05 (IL 05)

Requirements: 150-299 Sell & 50 Reviews
Benefits: Instructor level 05

Instructor level 06

Level 06: Instructor level 06 (IL 06)

Requirements: 300-499 Sell & 75 Reviews
Benefits: Instructor level 06

Instructor level 07

Level 07: Instructor level 07 (IL 07)

Requirements: 500-749 Sell & 100 Reviews
Benefits: Instructor level 07

Instructor level 08

Level 08: Instructor level 08 (IL 08)

Requirements: 750-999 Sell & 125 Reviews
Benefits: Instructor level 08

Instructor level 09

Level 09: Instructor level 09 (IL 09)

Requirements: 1000-1399 Sell & 150 Reviews
Benefits: Instructor level 09

Instructor level 10

Level 10: Instructor level 10 (IL 10)

Requirements: 1400+ Sell & 200 Reviews
Benefits: Instructor level 10

So, It's high time for instructors to empower yourselves and others with the light of your expertise, brilliance and charms. What are you waiting for - Join Instructory NOW!!

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