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I have more than 10 years of professional experience in IT Industry which includes Research & Development, Teaching, IoT, and Software & Web Application Development. I have extensive experience working with both National & International clients as well as institutes, and industries.



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Laravel 9 Master Class for Beginner to Intermediate - Volume 01

Laravel 9 Master Class is a course designed for all levels of students. It cover all the core fundamentals of Laravel Framework to make you proficient from absolute zero. This course is for beginners as well as for intermediate learner those who want ... Read more

  • 174
  • 39:22:09
  • 173

Learn Tailwind CSS from Basic to Advanced by Building Projects

Tailwind CSS is a CSS framework that provide utility first approach to the developer. It is gaining popularity day by day on developers community. It is a massive collection of tiny CSS utility classes for quickly and consistently building good looki ... Read more

  • 45
  • 16:11:18
  • 37

Laravel 9 Master Class for Intermediate to Advanced - Volume 02

This is an advance web application project course using Laravel 9. In this course you will learn more advance concept of web application such as module, role & permission management. You will learn system architecture design, advance database relatio ... Read more

  • 82
  • 26:33:30
  • 60