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Sultana started her career as a freelancer and received the BASIS Outsourcing Award 2014 for her contribution as the Best Female Freelancer. Since then Sultana was appointed by Prothom Alo Jobs as the facilitator for Outsourcing and Freelancing training, aimed which to develop new freelancers creating awareness through motivational lectures and guidance. So far she provided training to over 600 interested men and women through the different organization day-long training sessions.

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  • Sultana Parvin

    09 Jul 2020 04:46:08 PM

@ খাবার টেবিলের যতকথা অনেকে আমাকে জানিয়েছেন খাবারে নুন ঝাল নিয়ে নাকি খাবার টেবিলে তুলকালাম কান্ড বয়ে যায়। এর থেকে রক্ষা পাওয়ার জন্য আমাকে কিছু টিপস দিতে বলেছেন। আমি কোরআন হাদিসের আলোকে কিছু টিপস নিয়ে আপনাদের জন্য নতুন ভিডিও আপলোড দিয়েছি। আশা করছি এখন থেকে ঝড় থেমে গিয়ে শান্তিপূর্ণ পরিবেশ সৃষ্টি হবে।

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  • Sultana Parvin

    02 Mar 2020 05:40:32 PM

@ Content Writing and Career Development Hello my dear audience the new video is uploaded. I received many requests from my beloved puchasers for a video of practical article writing. Here I show how to write an article and email with AIDA formula. I hope this video will help you a lot. Stay tuned with me.

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  • Sultana Parvin

    30 Jan 2020 02:36:49 PM

@ Content Writing and Career Development My beloved learners, three new videos are added. Here you will get three very useful tools. Hope you will enjoy the tips. Stay tuned with me.

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  • Sultana Parvin

    30 Jul 2019 04:43:49 PM

@ Content Writing and Career Development Learn how to write content and start earning online.


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SEO Writing Digital Marketing Translating


Master of Social Science, 1995

Noakhali Government University College, Bangladesh


bangla - native english - fluent english - fluent others - conversational


BASIS Award Winner, Best in female category

BASIS, 2014

15th place in BSS (Hons), Political Science

Bangladesh National University, 1994


Graphic & UI Designer

Shikhbe Shobai 2014

Senior Graphic Designer

Tooltip technologies

Graphic Designer

BD Design house

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2 days ago
This Instructor is amazing, he just did a job of many hours in few time. If you are looking for quality, then this instructor is the right pick. so we will come again to him. thank you very much!!!


2 days ago
I learned new ideas, methods, techniques and I gained a new perspective of graphic design through this course. Highly recommended course. Instructor is awesome!!


2 days ago
It is the best course for beginners I've watched so far. Great explanations, great teacher.

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